Violence And Respect

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The daunting challenges we encounter in modern society seem to be growing. Among these, a major concern for our future generation is the lack of mutual respect. This issue is especially common among teenagers and can be seen in various contexts.

A clear lack of respect can be observed in different settings, including school and home. This absence of respect is especially noticeable among students who fail to show proper regard for their peers in school. Additionally, children in today’s generation often demonstrate a lack of respect towards their parents within the household. Furthermore, young adults also display a noticeable disregard for authoritative figures.

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Various factors, such as economic status, race, and religious beliefs, contribute to students’ failure to view each other as equals. Additionally, the clubs and organizations individuals are part of significantly contribute to promoting disrespect towards others. To illustrate this point, we can look at the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado where the perpetrators cited mistreatment by their school’s football players.

Because they were constantly teased, their life at school became unbearable and they responded aggressively towards everyone. This problem stemmed from a lack of respect between both parties, causing ongoing retaliation until one party crossed the line. The absence of mutual respect served as a catalyst for the situation to deteriorate. If both parties had exhibited respect towards each other, this unfortunate outcome could have been prevented.

High schools nationwide, including Columbine High School, have experienced the impact of these problems. Severe consequences have followed fights and shootings, highlighting the prevalence of violent crimes caused by a lack of mutual respect. In this context, the significance of the golden rule emerges: had students treated others as they themselves wished to be treated, incidents like Columbine might have been avoided.

In today’s society, the most prominent sign of disrespect can be observed in everyday households. This is the initial environment where individuals acquire the ability to either demonstrate disrespect or show respect towards others. If young individuals are not educated on respecting their parents, it is improbable for them to extend this courtesy to anyone else beyond their immediate relationships. It is crucial for teenagers to receive guidance at home on how to respect others, recognizing that each person possesses distinct circumstances and viewpoints. However, prior to imparting this lesson, they must also be treated with respect and acknowledged as valuable themselves. The most effective means of teaching is by setting a positive example.

Perhaps, by teaching young people to respect others within their homes, most young adults could potentially avoid a life filled with misery and trouble. The choices they make in life shape the path they will ultimately tread. An example of this can be seen when teenagers turn to gangs as a means of gaining respect – albeit the wrong kind – from their peers as a substitute for the genuine respect they should receive at home. Consequently, this choice often leads them into a life of violence and crime. Opting for this distorted version of life only opens the door for various other problems to arise in multiple ways.

Asking Jack and Jill if they are familiar with the Golden rule of life would greatly benefit the household. It may not be apparent to most, but my Dad always emphasized the importance of respecting others by treating them as I would like to be treated. This principle even applied to those who were not necessarily nice. Although it was challenging, I consistently made an effort to follow this principle. The result often involved reciprocal respect from individuals I perceived as “not nice,” although there were exceptions. Another notable problem in this era is the lack of respect towards authority figures such as teachers, principals, and police officers.

How often do you witness a young juvenile speaking defiantly to one of these three individuals? It is a sight I encounter nearly every day! The upcoming generation seems to have very little regard for those who educate and safeguard them for the future. These individuals are akin to elders in our societal village and deserve the utmost respect for their time and caring generosity in teaching and protecting. Police officers work tirelessly to maintain order each and every day, ensuring regulation within society. Teachers educate the next generation, molding them into future leaders. Principals aid in upholding order within schools, cultivating a conducive learning environment. How often do we see these figures receive the respect they deserve for their involvement? The youth of today demonstrate very little respect towards these figures, as evident by the growing numbers of juvenile halls, detention camps, In School Suspension units, and Alternative Education Programs catering to those who either lack the desire or knowledge of how to respect others.

No matter my disagreements with teachers, I have consistently held them in high regard and followed the lesson of respecting authority figures. I acknowledge that teachers typically possess valid justifications for their opinions, which is why they deserve the title of teacher. This comprehension aids me in demonstrating respect towards them. In a similar vein, as a young member of society, I have always honored both the law and those tasked with its enforcement due to my grasp of its significance and objective.

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