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Wakemee Health Drink

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Handled Strategic Projects Like: PM Mood’s Look Saba Campaign Hero’s Re-launch in the market after splitting with Honda Wild Stone Brand launch and subsequent campaigns. Silver Pearls brand launch and subsequent campaigns. Many smaller campaign at regional level for Pepsi, Britannic etc. Sensitive Campaigns Handled in the past like : ” Bet Bach, Bet Pad, Mari Khan’s Incredible India, Anti- tobacco campaign for India Cancer Society, etc. We have the best in class creative team to handle any idea across various spectrums.

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Wakemee Health Drink
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Awarded with the best AD agency by Superabundant 3 years in a row. Brand Reflection for Wake: Appeals to the youth & the ” growing Older” generation, who have moved on into their lives of a workaholic. Health Drink for working Adults to revivalist and captivate their youth in a body that’s growing old. “Health up your life” being the motto of the company sends out a strong signal to start your day healthy. Newest Health Drink taste of Apple Flavor as ” An Apple a day keeps the Doctor Away.

Benefits Given by the brand High on Health. Increased vitamins. Livens Up the day. Taste gives a fresh and tingling start to wake up “the drinks with good effect. ” Revivalist the youth in you. Can be had without milk, with water, less liquid pouches. ( LISP) Strategic plan ahead: Create a new position for this brand in a market which is major untapped as here are health drinks mostly for children and some for women but none target the working adult like Wake will do with our campaign.

Show the people their new life: differences between old and new life will reflect in the brand creative Positioning of a healthy brand ambassador like Argue Ramp or Milling Someone who are associated with the image of having a very energetic life despite having busy lifestyles in the 40+ age category. The old yet young and Youthful life will be showcased as a part of our strategic drive to get the idea across to the customer who endorse Wake.

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