What it Means to be an American

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In my perspective, being American entails experiencing privileges, rights, and freedom. Despite not being flawless, America sets itself apart as one of the few nations that grant rights to individuals from various backgrounds and genders.

Although facing widespread poverty, the American people have been given opportunities due to the sacrifices made by those who fought and died for their country. The establishment of America by George Washington and other patriots has greatly influenced its current state. Freedom remains one of America’s most notable and celebrated attributes.

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We are fortunate to have freedom and the power to make decisions in our lives, such as freedom of speech and press. These freedoms enable us to voice opinions and disseminate information about our society. Moreover, we possess the freedom to elect our leaders and representatives. As Americans, we also relish the liberty to select our attire, music preferences, and determine the size of our families.

This right of freedom in our lives is just one among several rights bestowed upon us. Equality carries significant significance within America, and its pursuit has endured for a considerable period. In my perspective, equality fosters acceptance of diverse cultures and contributes to the fortification of the nation. Nevertheless, there remain individuals in both America and other nations who do not support the idea of equitable communities or the appreciation of diverse cultures, thereby exposing a flaw within America.

By thinking and believing in this manner, certain individuals contribute to the prevalence of violence and hatred in America. Their lack of understanding of the culture they despise is the root cause. However, there are still people who recognize the significance of equality and actively work to maintain a harmonious balance in America. These individuals contribute to the enhancement of people’s rights and freedom. Without the advocates of equality in America, our current living environment would not be secure for our loved ones and, importantly, for future generations who hold the world’s fate. America possesses a privilege that not everyone shares.

A chance for success and survival is not given to most countries, unlike in America. Being in America provides many opportunities. One of the most significant rights America offers is the ability to be ourselves and live in a place where there are no ongoing small wars between states or communities. The U.

S. offers us an opportunity to receive nourishment, as the people of America are not part of the majority experiencing hunger. In fact, we have one of the strongest economies globally.

Despite encountering criticism, violence, and offenses from individuals, America continues to be one of the world’s most exceptional nations, offering its residents numerous benefits.

The original vision of the early American settlers was for America to thrive and foster a more harmonious society. Despite not being renowned as the most peaceful nation, it is also not deemed the most perilous place to reside. Moreover, political parties engage in deceitful strategies against one another. Many Americans exhibit greed by exploiting the opportunities and benefits provided by their country.

Despite its imperfections, I am still thankful to live in the United States.

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