Why is Poetry Important?

Poetry is important in the lives of people for many reasons.

Some of these reasons are more trivial than others, but poetry lives on and never dies. Do we take the time to wonder why that is? Poetry can be as simple as food for the soul. It can be something more profound, such as a way to get morals and legislative ways across to the world. A lot of this has gone unnoticed, since poetry is not usually seen or noticed by people on an everyday basis.

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People tend to have to look for poetry. It is not something that is in plain site within our society. People who read poetry tend to be the people who prefer poetry reading as a hobby.Poetry can be just a simple expression of what someone has to say.

It is a way to express our inner most feelings, and to make those feelings heard by others through the choice of our words. The way that words are formed on a page, can make all the difference in how they will be interpreted by the people around us. This is usually done using metaphors and other forms of abstract phrasing that can make a person really think. This allows things to be viewed in a manner in which someone never has before.

It is a way of getting people to read between the lines of an experience or something being said.Poetry puts into words, the very things that the average person finds hard to express. It gives us a type of doorway to our dreams and imagination. It takes the power of everyday words, and gives them the strength to communicate.

What is ordinary and bland in everyday words, becomes special within the world of poetry. There is something in many daily lives that is missing. This empty spot, is often filled with poetic words and stories. It was the poet William Carlos who believed that although poetry could not give us much on the way of news, it could give us much in the way of soul (Fitz-Randolph 1).

Many famous people of poetry believed that you could tell when a person wasn’t 2 Why is Poetry Important? happy or lacking soul. It was this that was perhaps a gauge of how much poetry one let into their life. To be able to take poetry to heart, was said to make someone a more full person. This, in turn, brightening their sole.

Poetry has said to be used for the purpose of keeping myth alive. There have been many debates of where myths originate from. It is believed that keeping myths alive through poems, helped to make sense of a nonsensical universe.It was a way to explain what science and religion could not.

Even today, many mythologists find it striking that through the years poems retaining myth, have never lost their relevance. Poetry has been used as a way of explaining god, man and nature in a relevant way to the human race. It is a way to dig deep into the meaning of the universe and ourselves. It takes people away from trying to find the facts to believe something.

Instead, they rely on the faith that the feelings of the words within the poetry bring to them. Poetry in many ways can be looked at like religion.We need to have some form of faith to believe in its words and messages. It is the words of man that gives beauty to the world from the eyes of many.

We all have a tendency to embrace poetry in the same way we embrace religion or science. We get a feeling of contentment from poetry that can not be gained from other revenues. It can give us strength, courage and understanding. Poetry can give people the feeling of being united.

All poetry is written by the hand of a person ,that in turn, moves another person with their words. It tells us that someone out their does know how we feel.Poetry is said to take on a very important part in our society, that many people may not realize. Poets have been said to be the unacknowledged legislators of the world.

Many poets wrote of the wrongs and rights of policy and politics, but in a very moral and non-threatening 3 Why is Poetry Important? way. Many poets were revolutionary minded, out to change legislation. Poetry had an advantage in doing this. Not only did poetry move people, but it’s messages tended to stick with people.

It was catchy and rhythmic. In the eighteenth century, poetry was used as a link between public and commercial themes, oth global and domestic.. It had a very large part in forming ideas of the slavery movement and feminine ideas to more masculine ideas.

Big time poets used their words to sway society and worldly opinions. This is not widely known today through the eyes of the common societies. Poetry has been used to educate in what many would call an aesthetically pleasing way. What the news could not often get across to people in hard times like the Holocaust, it is poetry that could.

It is seen as a different way of getting across to people. Poetry can touch the heart and soul in a way that news and experience often doesn’t.It may have shown anger, bias, and disagreeable content, but it spoke to people in a way that they were able to better take in and absorb the messages being sent..

Throughout history, poetry has been important because it gives us a representation of what previous generations found to be of importance. You can almost read the works of poets through time, and learn the history of the world, during good times and bad. Poetry in many cultures is a tradition. It is of high importance to read the poetry of others and the way of their words.

Poetry in some cultures helps to define who they are as a people.It is also what is used to link their present and past. It is useful in the teaching of others within their culture as well. Looking at a more lighter side of poetry, we can look at the integral part that is plays when help children learn to read.

It is especially helpful for those children who are learning English as 4 Why is Poetry Important? a second language. Although the historical, religious and personal importance of poetry will never lose it’s place, there is one very modern aspect that it is being used for. Poetry is a very integral part of children’s learning overall, and the learning of language skills.Poetry makes learning fun for children, and gives the opportunity to learn through association.

It is a way to help instill the English language in a very non-intimidating way. In classrooms where English is being learned as a second language, poetry helps to disconnecting the speaking aspect from the spelling and writing, to narrow the focus. This allows the children an opportunity to have a better grasp all aspects of how they will use the language overall. It helps children identify, words, word patterns, word usage and much more!Poetry has been used through history within children’s stories and nursery rhymes.

Poetry offers a different aspect of language and form for children. It is read differently from ordinary text in the way that it is read by both the eye and the ear. This gives children a wider variety of experiences with reading as well. It is said that children can start to grasp literary understanding and critical evaluation at a very young age.

Reflective reading and comprehension lead to a higher level of analysis in children. Economics today is another area to look at poetry.The poetry business is booming with publishers hiring people to write their creative thoughts into poetry. Card companies offer people to write poetic gestures to be bought during the holidays, and people pay for the education to learn how write creatively within the guidelines of poetry.

There are people that will write the perfect poem for you based around a certain cost. The money of poems does contribute to the economy. 5 Why is Poetry Important? Poetry can be used as a form of therapy. Many therapists say that writing and poetry to express your feelings can be therapeutic.

Writing your feelings with the intense words of poetry can relieve stress, anxiety, depression, etc. It can help people to get through the hard times they are facing. Some people are better at expressing themselves in writing. Although it is obvious that poetry has proven it’s test of time, when it comes to importance, personally, and society, everyone can look at poetry and benefit from many of these factors that poetry can represent.

It is a part of all of us in one way or another. We have all had an experience with poetry no matter how large or small. There is nothing in this world that poetry doesn’t cover.Yet, many of us are unaware of this unknown world.

If poetry has been shown to have such an impact, why is it not used more openly? It may have to do with the increased freedoms that people have today to express themselves. We are now able to have more control over our lives than people did years ago. Poetry has many places among society and people as individuals. Although it is not widely thought of, maybe we should turn more to poetry when looking for an answer to our questions.

Many people who never even think of poetry through their lives, tend to use it at times of deep importance.These times may include weddings, love, funerals, a birth, etc. It is a way to reach out to the heart and soul. Reading poetry of certain events may even help us change our political and religious views to make better decisions.

If poetry were more out in the open, I think it could steer people on many directions. It would be a change of pace from the everyday rhetoric that is heard in society on a daily basis. When trying to think of the importance of poetry, I think we need to ask ourselves, where would we be without poetry?Works SitedRich, Adrienne. “Legislators Of The World.

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