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Why the U.S Needs an Official Language

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English is the universal language of the world. In order for immigrants to assimilate to a new Country, It’s important to learn the language of the country. In the article “Why the U.

S Needs an Official Language” by Mauro E. Mujica he states that the U. S. A needs to unify the English language for everyone.

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Why the U.S Needs an Official Language
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America is one of the largest and rapidly growing countries in the world. They receive thousands of immigrants daily. These immigrants came from a vast variety of cultures and ethnic background and they still communicate in their native language.

However, English should be declared an official language in America because knowing English can help immigrants to communicate better, Also the government will save money, and it will help immigrants to serve in a good business.

In my opinion, I feel that it is essential for an official language for the United State of America to be established. Learning the official language of the country is a very important component of communication.

Today English should be the predominant language in the U. S.

A. because it’s the language that people need to survive.In America we see many cultures that need to learn English to function in society. They need to speak where people can understand them.

For Example; imagine walking into a store and asking the clerk the price of an item and not being able to understand them! That’s ridiculous! It will be chaotic if no one would understand something as simple as directions. Even to ask for help would be difficult; not only would it be inconvenient, but dangerous. Therefore immigrants need to learn English to avoid these problems in their daily lives.In section (11), according to the article it says “Multilingual government is not cheap.

Bilingual education alone is estimated to cost taxpayers billions of dollars per year”. So clearly, another reason for having an official language is to save money. Nobody wants to waste money, Let alone complicate things. Its fact there are over three hundreds of different languages spoken in America.

Therefore the U. S. A has provided extra services to all these different languages and has spent a lot of money to furnish to these services for them to be done.So the only way to avoid spending this money is to make English as an official language.

Another fact is that learning English can help to start a great business. Every other person you see in the street has a different background and religion. If we lived in America for many years refusing to learn English our lives would be harder. Moreover, finding a job without knowing the language or even a few sentences can be hard for people namely when writing or even opening their own business like opining a Chinese restaurant.

Imagine trying to find a job?It would be impossible to even set up an interview because, what language is supposed to be spoken? It would be a lot easier if all business people spoke English. We will be able to network and expand. How can businesses advertise if customer can’t understand what the advertisement says? Of course English language should be the only language to get a great job. I’m an immigrant myself, and when I first came to this country it was very hard for me to speak English.

I didn’t know the language. Therefore I couldn’t travel on the train.I couldn’t ask people for direction, I was confused and I felt alone. Because of my bad English, I couldn’t communicate.

I couldn’t speak one clear sentence. Even when I went to find a job I had an interview with the manager but when he started to talk to me I couldn’t understand him, what did he say? He was talking fast. So I decided to go back school to learn the English language. Ever since I learned English it has helped let people teach me and share ideas while helping others.

I think it would be beneficial to learn English and be a part of American society.In my real life English has helped me to land a job and communicate with customers and friends. My job was an internet programmer. So it was imperative that I learned the language and the customs of my new country The article has shown the beneficial things about learning the language.

American English as an official language is very useful and constructive for citizen, as well as government of America. It help to simulate immigrants to learn English in order to become more eligible to get a job, also help us to reduce our expenses by allowing us to serve every government services in only one language.So why waste money on things that are not necessary? We need to expand and help America, not to work against it. I’m happy with my decision to learn English, so I suggest others do too.

In addition, I’m interested finding out if English becomes the official language in the U. S. A. despite people still use their private lives and speak their perfect language behind closed doors.

But as far as being out in the real world they need to speak their country’s language so they can succeed in their own lives.

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