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Worker Reads History



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    “A Worker Reads History “ Berolt Bercht wrote a poem “ A worker reads history” In the poem who was the people behind all the major events in the history books. There were many great people behind the scenes. Did Adolf Hitler kill over thousands of people by himself? Having lived during the time of Hitler’s rule Brecht knew that Hitler wasn’t the only one behind it all. Brecht wanted his readers to know that there are more people behind the scenes, and though this poem he tells his readers that ordinary people can change history as we know it as well.

    There aren’t just ten people that built society as a whole. How would that even be possible? For example, the poem asks, “Caesar beat the Gaul’s. Was there not even a cook in his army? ” Does the cook not feed the entire army that helped him beat the Gaul’s? He mattered too. “Each page a victory, at whose expense the victory ball? Brecht spent 14 years in exile, this strengthen his understanding of being at expense. Brecht’s ideas were as in The Big H movie as well as in his poem.

    Brecht had the same idea as Dee from The Big H. Dee states “Ordinary people do matter. They did important things that changed American history. The history books teach us of only major events. The poem asks “Young Alexander conquered India. He alone? “He didn’t conquer India by himself he had an entire army behind him. Every single individual solider made history too. He most likely didn’t fight at all. History is not for ten people to be recognized for what they did it’s also for those small people that made history too.

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