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Wuthering Heights VS Thrushcross Grange – Storm Vs Calm Sample

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In the novel by Emile Bronte. Wuthering Heights. a strong contrast exist between storm and composure. Wuthering Highs and Thrusscross Grange. exemplify this construct. as they are binary antonyms in the narrative. where Wuthering Highs represents storm. and Thrusscross Grangpe represents composure. The physical features of the two topographic points and the people that reside there are the drive forces for this resistance.

The name of the abode. Wuthering Highs. in itself shows us how this storm is illustrated. “Wuthering” significance topic to relentless blustery or noisy air currents and”Heights”referring to the hill on top of which it resides.

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Wuthering Heights VS Thrushcross Grange – Storm Vs Calm Sample
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There are physical storms described in the book that “ [ rattle ] over the Highs in a full fury” ( p. 248 ) . that have “growling boom. and great drops” ( p. 248 ) . On the dark of Mr. Earnshaw’s decease “a high air current blustered round the house [ … ] it sounded wild and stormy” ( p. 43 ) . The house is described by the writer as barbarous one. the “narrow Windowss are profoundly set in the wall.

and the corners are defended with big stick outing stones” ( p. 4 ) . Furthermore. there are in the house barbarous Canis familiariss that bite Mr. Lockwood upon his reaching. These Canis familiariss are said to be “robbing [ the ] wood of pheasants” ( p. 328 ) . The flora besides illustrates the wretchedness of the house. there are “a few stunted firs at the terminal of the house” ( Chapter I ) and “a scope of gaunt thorns” ( p. 4 ) . the word “gaunt” demonstrates efficaciously the coldness of the house. The physical description of the house makes the reader believe that Wuthering Heights is non a unagitated topographic point.

Wuthering Highs stand foring the storm. lodges ferocious people. Wuthering Heights is a “perfect misanthropist’s heaven” ( p. 4 ) . The best illustration is Heathcliff. He spends most of his life seeking retaliation by destroying other people lives. Isabel asks “Is Mr. Heathcliff a adult male? If so. is he mad? And if non. is he the Satan? ” ( p. 137 ) . He is one of the causes of the decease of Catherine. Hindley. Isabella and Linton. He is described to hold “black eyes [ that ] withdraw so suspiciously under their brows” ( p. 5 ) . Catherine. whose shade hangouts Heathcliff until he dies. is another occupant of Wuthering Heights that is wed to Edgar. but can non travel on from her love from Heathcliff and dies. Hindley the 3rd tenant”neither wept nor prayed” ( p. 136 ) . He dies of intoxicant toxic condition after seeking to kill his enemy. Heathcliff. All these characters illustrate the negative ambiance that subsists in the house.

Thrushcross Grange in contrast is a unagitated topographic point. It is the antonym of Wuthering Heights. It is a “beautiful. a glorious topographic point carpeted with crimson” ( p. 48 ) . The reader encounters a signifier of felicity that he could otherwise non happen at Wuthering Heights. As the Heights is set in a stormy environment. Thrushcross Grange is set in a topographic point that represents composure. The house is set on a vale with “garden trees” and a “wild green park” . demoing the resistance with Wuthering Heights. The Grange is seen as a beautiful topographic point for those who occupy Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff describes Thrushcross Grange the first clip he sees it as “a beautiful. glorious place” . that it was “heaven” ( p. 48 ) . Unlike Wuthering Heights. Thrushcross Grange is described as a composure. peaceable topographic point.

The residents of Thrushcross Grange represent composure every bit good. The Lintons are described holding “light hair” and “fair skin” ( p. 62 ) . They are a polite and respectable household. Edgar Linton is really soft. polite and a really loving male parent. Even after recognizing that his married woman Catherine is in love with Heathcliff. he continues to love her. Isabella Linton is described as being a composure and reasonably miss that nevertheless makes the fatal determination of get marrieding Heathcliff.

These two houses. which are the two chief scenes of the novel. are invariably being put into contrast. From the beginning of the narrative the reader is presented with these two opposite topographic points and easy sees how the storm of Wuthering Heights takes over the composure of the Grange. The novel is based on this contrast between the two houses. The storm of Wuthering Heights. upon the return of Heathcliff from his suspension. starts to take over. In the terminal. nevertheless. the composure of Thrushcross Grange prevails and good lickings evil.

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