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Adjusting to College Life Essay

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Adjusting to the college life and be hard and also a great learning experience. Adjusting to living in a dorm is the main adjustment a student will make. The stress level as a student can be a rude adjustment for most college students. Last but not lease balancing freedom with responsibility. Going to college and living in a dorm is a living and learning experience. Sharing a floor could sometimes bring problems with sharing showers, washers and dryers. One key thing to learn is that patience is a virtue.

Other problems like to much noise in the halls, or having a horrible roommate. Adjusting to college life in a dorm is really the first step in understanding how to live and face challenges on a daily basis. Any college experience includes some level of stress. At the same time it helps students mature and prepare for the real world. The fast-paced living can be stressor. For most college students the most stress is financial implications.

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Adjusting to College Life
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A lot of students don’t have mommy and daddy giving them money every time they need it. Being a freshman is the worst, most freshmen don’t have jobs and they aren’t use to having to budget their money. The best way to control stress is to learn time management and to budget their money.

College means different things, but the one thing it means for most people is more freedom. With the freedom you also have a lot of responsibilities. You will be responsible for going to class, navigating around campus, and finding help where you need it. College differs a lot from high school depending on what you have experienced. Depending on your professor it is your responsibility to know when you have things due, to attend class and turn in assignments. Going away to college is a big adjustment for everyone, and for some, it may be a more drastic change than expected. This is why networking with people, joining organizations, and other services will help you get involved and make the most of your college experience.

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