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Abstract In the relationship between private and public police, throughout history has explored similarities and differences between the two. The criminal justice system is linked to both private security and public police. Private Officers do not work for us; but they do offer their services for corporations, they basically focus on the corporation that hired them. Private police has three times more than public police does. The private police care less about the due process, civil rights, and the public safety. Private police dwells on the protection, immediate deterrence, and commercial enforcement”. (Private Security and the Law, 2004). The relationship between private and public police did initially start off as a negative and conflict relationship, but is becoming more positive along these past years. Both private and public police have come a long way, having political figures work together along with the criminal justice system to provide the motto of “protect and serve” the community, both parties to work and corporate together in the apprehension and prevention of criminals and criminal behavior.

We must keep in mind that both are necessary to the protection of the society and is important role, which is also needed in our society. Some people will effortlessly be able to hire a private investigator to further investigate a particular case, where the public police with eventually stop their investigation and move onto the next case. A leading negative concern between the two parties was the thought that public police were being replaced by private officers, especially during our economic crisis.

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By far, this economic crisis, led everyone to a fall down, insecurities and more conflicts, and for most of these officers, unemployment or even “force” to retire earlier than they should, leaving the rest of societies, unsure and the fear of not feeling protected. Qualifications for both private and public police, should come from the same background, same methods used for investigation, all under the same criminal justice system and the Amendment rights. Although people think that private security shouldn’t be allowed to carry a weapon or follow the same guidelines as the public police do.

Often we do see these private officers risking their lives on the job, just as the same of the public officers, and I find it ironic, how often these private officers provide detailed information, up to standards of legal standards to help solve a case, or bring enough evidence to court. The consequences of this blurring for law enforcement are mixed. In many societies an unclear line between the public and the private is associated with a weak and/or corrupt state. “(Becker, T. 974) The main important key that people forget is that the role whether private or public officer/security is to protect and serve the individuals of the communities within the jurisdictions and laws served to follow. In order to grow the business and become better, by providing proper training and education to these individuals who want to serve and protect societies/communities anywhere, establish contracts, and increase the level of professionalism. Public policing has the ability to enforce the law and maintain order in society.

Private securities are paid agencies that perform the protective and loss-prevention duties not handled by police officers. Yet public policing and private security offers the same services and duties. These services and duties are performed to achieve some of the same goals. Both serve as leaders in their line of work. The leadership requirements are regulated by two different standards. They both share a positive relationship with the criminal justice system. This relationship loud be enhanced if the two would partnership with one another. This could help them combine their essential policies for the current role they perform now.

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