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Andrew Carnegie and John Muir as Businessmen



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    Andrew Carnegie and John Muir both grew up in Scotland and soon after moved to the United States to seek a better life where resources were more plentiful. Carnegie and Muir both had a similarity for not only business, but invention as well. Carnegie and Muir both clearly had the ability to become successful businessmen and their inventions prompted both of their successes. Both of them always had ranging activities and were raring to learn new things. They both shared similar qualities and were very determined in what they did.

    Carnegie and Muir had a love and passion for writing. They both wrote short stories, articles, and books. Muir and Carnegie wanted to get their point across. They both became one of the most influential individuals at the time. However, Carnegie went a different route. Andrew Carnegie became known for his dedication to the steel industry. Carnegie changed the way steel was produced. He created a stronger type of steel that was not only the most effective, but the most efficient as well. Andrew Carnegie also had a strategy of his own.

    He believed that the only way to become a great businessman was to control monopolies and control the step of the process in materials. Carnegie definitely had a different side to him. He was a cruel businessman to his workers and a very kind philanthropist. He would poorly pay his workers, as well as leave them poorly housed. Carnegie was really never close to his workers and the wages that they had were very low compared to other steel industries. Nevertheless, he believed that “the man who dies rich, dies disgraced and a rich man should use his money for the benefit of others” (Youngs 33. In Carnegies older years, he devoted himself entirely to his philanthropist’s beliefs’ after he sold his business. Carnegie built libraries around the world, but focused especially on the United States. He opened up galleries, museums, music halls, and technical schools. He also encouraged research and higher learning to others. Carnegie also established a donation to permanently seek an end to war. His donations totaled about 350 million dollars. John Muir began his love and passion for nature at the University of Wisconsin. While he was there, he learned particularly plants, skills, and developed his love for nature.

    Muir was among the wildest and most active in the wilderness. He explored all over the world. Muir argued that “animals as well as human beings are God’s creatures and have rights”(Youngs 47. ) John Muir’s offerings in protecting the environment, developing our national parks, influencing the nature of beauty, and developing the different forthcoming will always be remembered. I believe that both individuals impacted the United States in many different ways and in great manner. They both changed the character of the United States and urbanized it.

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