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Assessment One Guidelines



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    Management Theories and Philosophies Assessment One Guidelines Assessment One: 50 per cent of module marks Question “With reference to appropriate literature and cases, critically evaluate the influence of classical and human relations approaches in management today. ” Content and Structure This assessment is based on the application of the history of management theory to contemporary organizations and builds on the tutorial activities undertaken in the first half of the module.

    Students will decide on the appropriate structure and intent but we would expect to see the following elements: Introduction: setting the context, addressing the question, the approach to answering the question Main body of the assignment Review of relevant classical and human relations theories, identifying key themes or factors. There is no expectation to review all theories comprehensively within the scope of a 3,000-word assignment. However, we expect you to demonstrate an understanding of some of the principal theoretical contributions, supported by literature and wider reading.

    Cases or examples: you should identify recent or contemporary examples of the influence of classical and human relations approaches in organizations – using the themes or factors discussed in your review of literature. Identify relevant practices, policies and approaches of organizations; these should be suitably evidenced. For example, classical and human relations approaches to management have different conceptions of motivation, incentives and rewards, ways of organizing work and tasks etc. How are these reflected in company policies?

    To help guide your search, you may want to think of industry sectors and then select companies, for example, the automotive industry – Volkswagen; Information Technology – Google. Conclusion: bring together your main points; address the main question, I. E. Evaluate the influence of classical and human relations approaches in management today. Marking criteria: Element Weight % Presentation – introduction, structure, referencing 10 Review of literature 35 Assessment One Guidelines Novo 20 By eveners Use of contemporary examples Conclusion 20

    The following points should be noted for this part of the assessment: This is an individual assessment, not a group task. Literature should be sourced from a range of Journal articles and textbooks. A limited range of readings will be made available. The submission should use cases and examples from a variety of organizations to illustrate how classical and human relations approaches impact on management and practice today. This information should be referenced to reports, websites and other relevant documents to allow tutors to access it. The word count is 3000 words +1- 10%.

    This does not include the reference list but does include any appendices. Do not include lengthy appendices. Accurate referencing of sources is crucial in this coursework. There are resources available in the Learning Resource Centre and via the student advice shops to help. The referencing system used on this module is the Harvard system. Please make sure you are familiar with this. Marks will be deducted for inaccurate referencing. The assessment must be submitted electronically via ‘Turning’ Please familiarize yourself with the regulations on late submission.

    Last minute accidents involving the loss of data sticks, corrupted files, faulty laptops and so on can be guarded against by backing your work up thoroughly and regularly. Do not put your name on the assessment – use your student number for identification only. Please note that tutors will not be able to pre-assess draft assessments. We will comment on short sections if students are concerned about their writing style, and we are happy to advice on outline structures. Please do not ask tutors to comment on whole draft assessments. Feedback will be available within twenty working days.

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