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Assignment on Square Textile Ltd

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    The operation was started in 1997. It was enlisted in Dacha Stock Exchange & Chitchatting Stock Exchange in 2002. Within a very short time of span, the company achieved some significant success. Square Textile receives Joke-Tex standard 100 and ISO-9002 certificates in the year 2000. The authorized capital of the company is TX. 1000 million. It’s paid-up capital is TX. 251. 90 million. 1,223 employees are working in this organization.

    The business lines of Square Textiles Limited are the manufacturing and marketing of yarn. The Net Profit after Tax is 207. 29 Million BET of Square Textile in March 2011.


    To strive hard to optimize profit through the conduction of transparent business operations within the legal & Social framework with malice to none and justice for all in respect of gender disparity, caste, creed, or religion or region. To Increase productivity. To create more jobs with minimum investments. To be competitive in the internal as well as external markets. To maximize export earning with minimum imported in-puts. To reduce the income gap between the top & bottom categories of employees. Values Square Textile Ltd is a private limited company belonging to a leading industrial group based in Bangladesh. It offers a wide range of textile products. Being a well-known textile company in the Asia Pacific region Square Textile has always kept its promise of delivering value to its customers. Over the past fourteen years, we have offered superior quality products to our demanding and quality conscious customers across the globe.

    As a result, we have developed a matched product range and earned the reputation of being (considered) market leaders.

    Business Strategy

    The strategic Goals and Objectives of the Company are to strive hard to optimize profit through conduction and transparent business operations and to create more competition in the internal and external markets.

    Infrastructural Development

    Lastly, it was seen from one of the case studies that Square Textile Ltd. Is contributing to the infrastructural development of the country also by investing in the development of ports and construction of roads in rural areas.

    Definitely, this kind of initiative will help in the overall economy of the country.

    Segmentation of Square Textile

    The Global Segment In the ARM sector it is a huge market for the global market. The rise of China as an economic power is an issue in the textile sector, cause China has a great market in the textile industry. Rising global trade and WTFO can open doors for doing trade globally in smooth ways. Intellectual property protection is a big issue for doing business and keep business safe from competitors. Important political events like war can put some impact on this sector, but overall clothing is very necessary for people ND it’ll never be abolished.

    On the other hand, low-cost suppliers can be potential for marketers. Economic Segment Size and change in gross domestic product, Per capita income levels, Inflation rate, Interest rates, Foreign trade deficit or surplus, Unemployment, and Rates of saving and investment all together make a mass impact on the textile industry. Per capita income level can increase or decrease in the purchase level and it can be good for the textile industry. But after all, clothing can be considered as a basic need of human beings. That’s why it’ll never lose its value if the price and quality a be controlled.

    Demographic Segment

    The size of the population and growth rate is pretty good in this industry. Age distribution of the population also related and can make a good impact. The cause target market of this industry can be any aged group. Education levels and income distribution also mass up with the lifestyle. Income distribution and Ethnic diversity can be potential for this industry. Geographic distribution may potential for this industry.

    Political/Legal Forces

    In Bangladesh, Political and legal forces are flexible in ARM sectors. Government Leslie toward business is very necessary for any industry.

    Tax-free export makes a good opportunity for investors. Business regulation: labor, environment is also flexible in Bangladesh. It makes a low cost for producing products in Bangladesh. On the other hand in developed countries, the unemployment rate is very low, and for that reason, they prefer import rather than production for a large level of labor cost. So it is also a great opportunity for Bangladesh to develop in the textile industry.

    The Socio-Cultural Segment

    The socio-cultural segment is also very important for any industry. It can control the purchase behavior of the buyer group.

    Family relationships can put an impact on the purchase behavior of an individual or group as a whole. Attitudes about work and Living arrangements also facts for purchase behavior. The lower living arrangements cannot be a high purchase condition. Developed countries are the main importer of RIG products, and it is also a great opportunity for Bangladesh. Styles of entertainment and changing lifestyle also makes variation for purchasing habits and creates new position for this sector. Attitudes toward lath make an impact on both ways positively and negatively in this sector.

    Companies need to rethink health care as well as they can also introduce new organic clothing in the potential market.

    Technological Segment

    Technologies make the world closer and easier for everybody. Telecommunications and the Internet is the biggest issue for better communication. It also reduces the cost of communication and the list time-consuming process. On- line training also the latest concept of trade globally. R&D can be very rich with new and innovative product and process become easier for innovations.

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