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In her essay titled “Respect: At The Heart Of Successful Marriage,” Annie Gottlieb explores the significance of respect in a marriage and its influence on the length of the relationship. She analyzes various viewpoints on respect and offers a thorough comprehension of this concept within the realm of marital partnerships.

The author has made a valid argument, however, the essay does not explain how the lack of respect can result in separation or divorce. It is vital to acknowledge the impact of this absence of respect on crucial family functions. Additionally, it is essential to address the presence of children in the family and the potential consequences that arise from miscommunication between parents. The five fundamental family functions encompass socialization, sexual contact, reproduction, emotional support, and economic support.

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Disrespect in a marriage can manifest in various ways. For instance, if a husband belittles his wife for focusing solely on childcare, it indicates a lack of respect. By disregarding his wife’s desire to raise the children and failing to recognize her contributions to the family, communication issues arise. Moreover, if either partner disregards their counterpart’s feelings and solely prioritizes their sexual needs, the other person can feel degraded and used. Once a couple’s sexual intimacy deteriorates, emotional support also diminishes.

Having socialization and emotional support is crucial for a prosperous marriage, as it fosters mutual comprehension and regard between partners. Nevertheless, when children are part of the family equation, any conflicts or misunderstandings between parents can negatively impact them. Therefore, parents must prioritize their children’s welfare before considering separation or divorce. Even if the romantic affection between adults diminishes, as long as there remains respect, they can still appreciate each other’s accomplishments and opt to remain united for the sake of their children.

If a couple lacks respect for each other and cannot restore it, it is better for the entire family to separate or divorce. Annie Gottlieb discussed the essential “element” required in a marriage but did not explain how the absence of respect can harm family dynamics. It is crucial for all couples and married individuals to demonstrate respect towards one another in order to value what they possess. Even as the romantic connection diminishes, it is vital to have appreciation and exert effort to salvage the marriage, particularly for their children’s sake. Respect will enable them to recognize their accomplishments and inspire them to give their relationship another chance.

If a couple lacks mutual respect and cannot regain it, separating or divorcing is preferable for the whole family. Although Annie Gottlieb mentioned an important aspect needed in a marriage, she failed to address how the absence of respect can negatively impact family dynamics. It is imperative that all couples and married individuals display respect towards one another in order to appreciate what they have. Even as the romantic bond weakens, it remains vital to show gratitude and make an effort to save the marriage, especially for their children’s well-being. Respecting each other will allow them to acknowledge their achievements and encourage them to give their relationship another opportunity.

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