Autobiography of Tree

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I am a tree that stands near the campus of a temple. I am tall and imposing, and I live an interesting life. I observe a wide range of society, witness funny gestures from people, and overhear various conversations from the passing devotees.

I used to be smaller and more youthful, like all living beings. I had the potential to become a great tree. Even back then, I appeared vibrant and stunning, like other young beings. However, I was not yet as impressive as I am now. This observation taught me that every stage of life has its own positive aspects.

I am a peepal tree that grows anywhere and everywhere. Since my youth, I have witnessed numerous individuals who come to worship me by lighting an earthenware lamp near my roots, saying their prayers, and then leaving. This daily ritual has been followed by many people at my roots for as long as I can recall.

As I grew larger, the temple authorities built a two feet boundary around my trunk to protect me from the crowds who came to see me. Being located near a temple, I always enjoy the company of many people on a daily basis and have the great privilege of being worshipped by countless believers each day.

Now, as a mature tree, the two-foot wall has transformed into a spacious platform encircling me. My roots are now unseen, and the trunk is partially concealed as well. Visitors use this platform to sit, pray, and unwind. Occasionally, they also enjoy temple prasad while seated here.

Being loved, cared for, honored, and respected is truly a wonderful feeling. I now realize that a certain sect of Indian society regards me as a sacred tree deserving worship. Hence, there is much excitement surrounding me and my family.

As I stand near a temple, I never feel lonely.

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