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Life and Career of Beatrix Potter

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Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter, a popular woman who endure the discrimination that most women receive during her time. She is a picture of a successful woman during the time when mostly men are the only ones recognized. Her creativity stunned many people including those closest to her, parents and relatives. Up until today, Beatrix Potter is adored and praise by people all over the world.

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Life and Career of Beatrix Potter
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Her creations continued to be cherished and read by most children. It is in her love of her childhood memories and creative imagination that a movie was made about her life.

‘Miss Potter’ is a movie directed by Chris Noonan that tells the love and inspiration that colors the simple life of Miss Beatrix Potter.

Beatrix Potter was a woman with talents. She was the well-known author of the Children book ‘The tale of Peter Rabbit’  as well as other successful animal and landscape themed children books. This can be seen in the movie Miss Potter.

Early in the film, it can be surmised that the Character as portrayed by Miss Renee Zellwager was a talented artist, story-teller and painter.

Early in her life, Beatrix Potter was very fond of animals. She had various pets. This part of her life can likewise be seen on the film, since she was portrayed to love animals and there are some references about her ‘animal friends’. It was said that Beatrix spent most of her childhood alone with no friends. She was taught at home by her mother and a governess. From this perspective, the film demonstrates that Miss Potter did have no friends and prepare to live alone, painting and talking with her animated illustrations.

As Beatrix grow older, she became fond of the Lake view landscape and about plants and fungi. The film also portrays Miss Potter to have such admiration for the landscapes especially the scenes when Miss Potter is drawing or Painting for her book. She can be seen beside the lake or somewhere in near the trees and plants.

Beatrix Potter seeks to gain intellectual knowledge, however, the status of women during her time prevents her from gaining access to learn and study in schools and university. The film had managed to depict the oppression and discrimination experience by women during those times when no publisher would like to publish Beatrix work.

Beatrix loves her childhood and the memories that go with it. This is one of the reasons why she would like to publish a small book. In the film, one can clearly see how eager Miss Potter is after the well-known publisher rejected or declined to publish her book. The film did well in representing what might really be Beatrix reaction when the publishers did not grant her wish.

Her work was only published when a publisher, Norman Warne agreed to publish her work. The film emphasize on this part of her life. It was a turning point in her so-far boring existence. It gives her the chance she needed. Her books where well received by the people. This somehow made her more inspired as the movie tries to reflect.

Another comparison can be made about the love story of Beatrix and the Beatrix in Noonan’s film. During Beatrix time, women are expected to marry someone who could financially support her. It is rare to find people, especially woman who would marry for the sake of ‘love’. Thus, when Beatrix fell in love with her publisher her family was against it. In the film one can see how much Beatrix mother hates the idea that she fell in love with her publisher. In real life, she actually had to live the custody of her parents because of her decision.

Nonetheless, Beatrix did not marry Norman Warne even after she left her parents. After being engaged, Norman had an illness, a type of anemia that took away his life after a few weeks. Although the actual scene when Norman died was not shown in the movie, the context of his death and how it affected Beatrix was explicitly shown.

After being famous from her work she later invested her earnings to buy acres of land near the lake. Such decision must be based upon, Beatrix love of the landscape and her early understanding of its importance. In the movie, Miss Potter decides to buy the land beside the lake in order to maintain and preserve its beauty, which she really did.

The Victorian setting of the film corresponds to the time-frame of Beatrix life. Along with the English accent and the costume, the movie did well in demonstrating Beatrix and her era. The scenes that show the landscape background somehow reveal Beatrix fondness of the countryside and nature in general.

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