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BMW Cars Film Review



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    ‘The Hire’ attracts nine million people to view it on the BMW films website. In this case, it is effective to promote its brand to a wide range of audiences.

    Secondly, since comments from both website and conventional main-stream media are overwhelmingly positive, such as, ‘Absolutely fantastic! ’ ‘Wow. Very, very cool. ’and ‘The ultimate in new-media, high-end branding has arrived. ’, it may help BMW to build its positive image of automobiles and then increase its sales eventually. Additionally, there is also a trailer that can be viewed on tv, but if the audience want to watch a full-version, he must go to the BMW film official website which is indicated at the end of the trailer. This obviously increases the volume of the visitors to the site and draws their attention on a frequent base. What was the motivation behind the idea? Who was the target market for the BMW film campaigns?


    There are several motives for BMW to think of this film idea. BMW was regarded as most luxury cars, but after the competition form japan, it was traped into ‘yuppie car’ image of the brand. BMW, however, hope they could be the world’s most exciting luxury cars. Thus it is crucial to improve its brand image to ‘ responsive performance’. Secondly, their research found that the target group of their potential customers are young professionals who use the internet very frequently.

    So the new media may intensively affect their decisions. Thirdly, The budget was limited but the mission was converted overload. Due to the company’s size and limited marketing budget, every BMW marketing campaign had to have maximum impact. Moreover, BMW launched a great number of new models each year, so the marketing part must be responsible enough to communicate with the public. However, the problem is the more they add to ads, the more diluted the message becomes. Therefore, they were trying to convey pure information about the brand which is luxury.

    In other words, although the films may not inclusive for every targeted person, they believe what they lost in terms of audience size could be made up of in terms of involvement.

    What should McDowell do? Which option should he pick? There are 3 options that McDowell was going to think for the next BMW campaign. The first option was to make more distributions way so that it allows more audiences to watch this film. For example, the company could distribute to theatres and give out DVD format to dealers. The second one was to continue to develop short films. The third option was to develop a feature-length movie that would air in theatres.

    The final option was to do nothing. Obviously, those four options are reasonable for McDowell to think of. However, in my opinion, McDowell could think about the first and second options. The reason is that the result of the BMW film has already proved the success of the campaign. So there is a chance to go further to make the film more influential to the wide audiences. Moreover, the cost to produce the DVD and distributions is relatively low as the budget is limited. The reason the second option is being considered is that this pattern has been accepted by the public and also the BMW marketing group has gained experience in that.

    Thus, it is costless to generate new films to promote new models with different stories. And at least, in the near future, it would be effective. What’s more. It is better for McDowell not to choose the third option which is a full-version film. There are two reasons. Firstly, the cost is apparently an inevitable issue. 15 million for a short film, it could be ten times more in a two-hour film. The second is the purpose for BMW is to promote its brands, but the two-hour film is going to transfer the audience’s attention from the brand itself to the story or actors. Therefore, it is not a good option. . Before, BMW was regarded as most luxury cars. It targets young professionals who seek prestige and performance. Sooner later, it found itself saddled with an outdated image as a “yuppie car ”manufacturer. And the competition comes from japan also threat its position. Thus, BMW decided to take several steps to go back to its dominant position.

    1. the introduction of a number of new models in its core series
    2. an aggressive pricing strategy
    3. the reorganization of its dealer network
    4. the introduction of several new series a new brand image was formulated.

    DNA is the world’s most exciting luxury car but its advertisements became edgier and more youthful. 2. Advertising campaign in particular in which we focused on the “responsive performance ” theme. In the campaign, our ads provided viewers with the perspective that they were directly behind the wheel of a car. The target group of people: the average BMW customer was about 46 years old, with a median income of about $150000. Most BMW customers were well-educated, married, and had no children. 2 /3 were male. The technology was important to BMW. It’s no wonder they use the internet so frequently.

    BMW customers tended to be very loyal to the brand.

    Marketing Approach

    Due to the company’s size and limited marketing budget, every BMW marketing campaign had to have maximum impact. Market share is low, but it has to introduce many models each year in early 2000, an interesting window of opportunity emerged for BMW, Sales of BMW were the highest ever in the U. S. and the brand had never been stronger When we are launching a product, we have a responsibility to tell people about the new product and reinforce the BMW brand message in the same communication.

    The more things we try to do in an ad, the more diluted the message becomes. We can do pure branding which is luxury. A couple of non-traditional ideas began to emerge. One idea was to produce a series of short films. Another way to incorporate the internet into an advertising campaign. Emerged them into the idea of producing a series of short films for the internet. If we produced a bunch of short films for the internet, they wouldn’t be seen by as many people as, say, a series of ads we aired on television. But we believed that what we lost in terms of audience size could be made up for in terms of involvement.

    The central character in each of the films was a professional driver who helped people out of difficult circumstances. Our value proposition to them was pretty simple: here was a chance to work in an entirely new genre for a patron that was synonymous with quality. Altogether, they cost the company about 15million dollars to produce. The films could only be accessed at this website was supported by print ads and street posters designed to look like advertisements for a movie. In addition, 30-second trailers were prepared for television audiences. And the trailer ended by directing viewers to the BMW films website.

    The point is if you got interested in what you were seeing, you would come to the end and realize it was not playing at a theatre near you. You had to go to the website to be able to see it. In the end, it all tied back to how the BMW brand works. If a viewer decided to visit the website to watch the film in its entirety, he or she had to

    1. log in to the site and register;
    2. download the appropriate media viewer
    3.  ‘stream’ the fims on the computer

    Viewers could also download a free version of the BMW film player, along with copies of the five films.


    By August, BMW had logged over nine million film views on its BMW films. om website. Comments registered by visitors on the website had been universally positive: ‘ BMW cold rocks the party! ’ ‘Absolutely fantastic! ’’Wow. very, very cool. ’ ‘ Clearly sets BMW apart from its competitors. Excellent marketing tool; excellent choice of directors ! ’ and ‘My next car will be a BMW, so help me god. ’ The mainstream conventional media, such as The New York Times, Time, Entertainment Weekly, and Variety had ended up publishing critical reviews of the BMW Films series in their entertainment sections. These reviews had been overwhelmingly positive.

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