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Google’s Case Study

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Fallon Preer International management 1. How does a search engine work and make money? What is the exportability of a search engine’s technology and business model? From the point of view on Wall Street, search has been a great source of revenues and profit. Search companies charge the organization or business a fee for having their business posted on the searchers page. Some of the core components of a search engine’s monetization approach include the following: Relevancy before monetization. Provide unique search technologies.

Encourage commercial search. Present a diversity of vendors, partners, products, and sales channels.

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Google’s Case Study
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Offer affordable or value-oriented pricing models. Motivate advertisers to improve content and conversions. Globalize your ad market. Keep operational expenses cost effective. 2. Why did many governments appear threatened by Google? How did they counter this threat? Discuss each country separately. Many governments seemed threatened by Google out of fear of US dominance over the local cultures, to the kind of information that Google censor its search results according to government regulations.

This would lead to many law suits. Google has been viewed by many countries as a threat to their cultural value and norms.

In France they attempted to set up a local search engine called Quaero, in conjunction with Germany in order to deter people from using Google. Germany attempted creating its own search engine called Theseus when the country backed out of the joint search engine with France. Even Japan launched what they deemed the Grand Voyage Project in an effort to create a proprietary search and information retrieval functions. 3. Is the threat, from the government-sponsored search engines, real or imagined? What can Google do to secure its dominance in those countries?

What can Google learn from those experiences to guide it’s an entry strategy for other countries? The threat from the government-sponsored search engine is imagined. They should provide an enhanced product that enables users to create, manage, search and browse web-based groups, as well as subscribe to and track favorite groups. Building on the foundation of the original service that currently includes more than 1 billion searchable posts from the Usenet archive. Google can learn that these online communities connect people with information they care about, and that furthers commitment to enhancing the online experience for users.

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