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With all due respect to the honorable judges, and all the audience here ladies and gentlemen. First of all let me introduce my self, my name is Isnaini Nur Widiastuti and I am from SMA N 1 Bantul. Here, I will deliver my speech about how to build student’s character with Indonesian personality. Character Building, family plays an important role in character building therefore it must start from the family to build the personality of anoble nation. Family plays an important position in instilling the values ??of Pancasila which emphasizes the value of honesty, mutual cooperation, tolerance and hard work.

Because of that family is the power of the state. Parenting provided are intimately associated with the character of children in growth will carry over into adult. Currently, Indonesian children have intelligence above average and achievements in all fields of science, but there are still committing violations or acts of violence indicates that there are still children who no longer have good ethics and values ??of Pancasila. An effective way to promote Pancasila values ??other than through the family of course also in education.

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Education should be able to lower the Pancasila became a practical social relations. Through education Pancasila can be deconstructed into interesting material to be learned by educators and students. Pancasila can be the basis of the distinctive character of education in Indonesia, with a focus on diversity,tolerance, and social justice. Pancasila values ??diversity can be the basic of character education. We no longer need to search for even form of character education model because we already have it. The first principle is Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa.

The value of tolerance so far only a discourse and difficult to implement. This resulted in weakness of character of the community. Schools should begin to try to decipher the first principle to be material values ??in character education. For example, tolerance, respect for other beliefs through the activities of an interesting game. The second priciple is Kemanusiaan yang adil dan beradab is an important part in the chain character of the nation. Civilize the human beings become the main capital in social relations. One factor in the education of character is the ability to give appreciation to others.

Through practical activities such as grooming, personal hygiene, diligence is the process of learning to become civilized. The third principle is Persatuan Indonesia is able described by introducing the physical culture of Indonesia, for example, a variety of national culture. This character can be built by building students’ creativity, of course with still carry the hallmark of regional culture. With the help of technology, we can introduce the diversity of the area with easy. Not only that, the process of creativity is also increasing easyly.

The characters love the country can greatly helped by the presence of a modern tool in teaching so much easier and interesting. Next is Kerakyatan yang Dipimpin oleh Hikmat Kebijaksanaan dalam Permusyawaratan/Perwakilan is the current principle that has always been a reference in democratic life in Indonesia. One interesting problem is we have the basic democratic values??, but can not be implemented. The fundamental value of democracy is consistent, according to the procedures and respect the dignity of others according to their conscience.

This is what can be delivered in character education student learning. Students are introduced to the correct procedure and the rules. And the last principle is Keadilan sosial bagi seluruh rakyat Indonesia, is the basis of a very fundamental social sensitivity. Humans are characterized by one measure is capable of fighting for others, rather than weeks to himself. That is what is meant by social justice, social justice no longer need to be discussed in a broadscope and dreamy, but in the daily activities of students.

For example does the student have been compassionate to other students? This is what can be described in everyday learning. It is time for each school to put back the Pancasila as the basic reference in shaping the character of students. Pancasila proved very rich in the values ??of life are capable of virtue Indonesia welf are of communities. Prosperity means free from anarchy, apart from the problem fundamentalitas religious, tribal radicalism, minority-majority dualism, and the economy stable and equitable. The only way to realize prosperity is

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