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Cheesecake Factory

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The cheesecake factory is one of my favorite places to dine. The food is delicious, the servings are plentiful and the atmosphere is refreshing. I really believe they have some of the best food of all of the chain restaurants. They have some of the finest recipes in the country. I’m sure most of the menu items are worth ordering and I would not hesitate to try something new each time. The curb-side service is available for persons who request for take it away.

Packaging for the cheesecakes is done using well designed packaging material which bears the name of the restaurant.

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For persons who prefer to take the cheesecakes within the restaurant, high quality services are provide by a team of highly experienced waiters and waitress. Once one gets through the main entrance, a sweet smelling aroma meets the nose which makes one to feel refreshed. Serving is done on well decollated dining tables which are designed to suit the requirements of the client.

The restaurant is well finished within its interior with light systems that illuminate attractive orange colors, a beautiful designed reception counter where clients are welcomed to the restaurant by very beautiful ladies.

Lovely looking flowers are also located at various points within the restaurant and are planted on flower vessels which are painted with different attractive colors. The restaurant also has a bar section with a large enough counter that is stocked with different brands of beverages some of which are originally prepared in the restaurant. On the other end of the restaurant is the bakery section which basically serves as a location where cheesecakes, specialty desserts, ice cream delights are displayed for sell.

Entertainment sources are well located in different locations within the restaurant with large television being accessible at any angle of a turn. The restaurant offers its high quality services to any person willing to be served so long as the person is able to afford the services. The persons serving the customers are highly trained and are able to communicate through several languages which makes the communication process between the clients and the attendants effective. Generally, the overall atmosphere within the estaurant is very conducive for morning and dining and the services offered are worth the high cost. My first visit to the Cheesecake Factory in New York was for a friend’s birthday and I must admit the experience was a fun filled event, mostly because the restaurant offers a breathtaking view of New York’s Union Square from its vantage location above Macy’s and also because we were a large group. The thing about this restaurant is that the wait is always long, with the waiting time ranging between 5 minutes to 45 minutes regardless of the size of the party wanting to dine there.

I attribute this to the popularity of this chain of restaurants and the quality that they provide which is responsible for the overcrowding and extreme noise that characterize the venue. However, just like us, you have the option of dining on the balcony dining area and avoid the long wait, however, it is really cold and as such it is really not a choice especially at night. The establishment however has a bar where we passed the time although the prices of the drinks were on the higher side.

On taking our seats, the waiter presented our group with a basket of fresh-baked bread and some butter that was really delicious. Every member in my party ordered a variation of the steak, although the establishment has quite a huge menu that warrants more visits to sample different dishes. I have to admit that the portions were sizeable although minor variations were evident mainly because of the cut. I had a Grilled Rib-Eye steak which was alright but not exception. However, the establishment is known as the Cheesecake Factory for one reason, its exquisite cheesecakes.

For desert I had the Chocolate Tuxedo Cream Cheesecake which was absolutely amazing and made to perfection. The birthday girl had Godiva Chocolate cheesecake and described it as having died and woken up in chocolate heaven. For drinks I had a hot chocolate which was delicious with a rich aroma of quality cocoa. The view and the deliciously made desserts and the view are perhaps the reason why most people go there since it is the reason I would go back there since the establishment is quite pricy.

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