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Chiba International

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In this case study, we can see many differences between both cultures like for instance the fact that American leave work earlier if they could but Japanese rockers tend to stay later to finish work. Meetings: Daily meetings are held at the beginning of each shift with all employees. These meetings are an opportunity for everybody to attend firstly but also to exchange and everybody is free and ever more encourage to speak and share information, problem, troubles… These meetings are not obligatory and with time almost everybody attend today to these frequently meetings.

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One very important point we can highlight from these meetings is that they strongly increase teamwork and team atmosphere Sales force: The American sales force is very particular and use in this company. Indeed, the word В« sales В» means in fact Sincerity, Ability, Love, Energy, Service which is pretty much appreciated by everyone in the company and also outside the company like for instance by the customers or suppliers.

In other words, the honesty and sincerity are part of the philosophy of Chips, and the customers are very glad of this philosophy.

In addition, there is no commission basis according to the sales so no real competition inside the salesperson in the company which is a good point for the atmosphere. U. S. Management: This point is a little different between the two cultures. Indeed, U. S. Executives tend to push through their family before work and it’s the contrary for Japanese executives who don’t hesitate to stay later at work because they really care about the future and the sustainability of their company.

However, we learn though thespians executives try to not take decision late in the day when U. S. Executives are already go home which is a good thing for the atmosphere once again and for the good of the company. Financial people: At this level we can see an impressive performance with the theory of the В« Noodle Peddler В» that is practiced in this company. There is no marketing department to save money and a daily basis of sales, returns, net shipment costs and expenses.

Open communication: The workforce is very homogeneous with the use of daily meetings and a suggestion box is disposed in the company with frequently a publication of the answer of these suggestions’ questions. Chips also use В« Compass h to improve teamwork and an extreme and recurrent communication between managers and employees to collect feedbacks and reduce problems. This point is very important since we talk about two very different cultures. Appraisal and Reward systems:

Concerning the appraisal and the reward, Chips use a no-layoff commitment policy instead of a lifetime employment with rewards for service and performance. As I said higher, there is an important use of feedback and Chips also hire within the company to fill the gaps when they need. Quality and Service: The productivity in the United States has reached almost the same amount than in Japan, which is very good for the company. The quality of the products and the customer service are two major points of the company’s philosophy and Chips continue to improve this by training a lot their employees.

Can Japanese management practices work in the United States without adaptation? Why or why not? What cultural values are relevant? As we see before, the vision of different themes related to business are very different from a Japanese point of view and from an American one. At this question will answer yes, Japanese management will need an adaptation because their attitudes and philosophy Of work are very different than American.

However we can also see that it exists similarities between both cultures, like for instance the use of open communication and the customer service which is very important for both cultures. For the cultural values, I’m going to use Hypotheses cultural dimensions Collectivism – Individualism: United States: 91 on the individualism dimension Japan: 46 on the individualism dimension Japanese society are more collectivist because they research a good work atmosphere with the fact that everyone’s opinion count in the final decision.

In the united States, the employees are more selfish and tend to leave the work as soon as they can with an informal and direct communication. Masculinity – Femininity: United States: 62 on the masculinity dimension Japan: 95 On the masculinity dimension Japan is one of the most masculine society of the world which imply a very intense competition at each other, like for instance competition between employees in a company, which one will sell the most…

On the other hand, American people show their masculine drive individually only. They like to be granted and rewarded for a well job done and get a sentiment of proud. American also work to get a social status and be considered as the best. Power distance: united States: 40 on the power distance dimension Japan: 54 on the power distance dimension Both culture are very close concerning this dimension but Japanese still have a higher power distance which means they better accept position and authority than American do.

Uncertainty avoidance: united States: 46 on the uncertainty avoidance dimension Japan: 92 on the uncertainty avoidance dimension This time too Japan is one of the most uncertainty avoiding country with is score Of 92 which occurs because Of all natural disasters that face every time Japan. Thereby Japanese people are prepared for any uncertain situations American will adapt their behavior following the context in which they are. They also are for the freedom of expression and willing to hear different opinion from different person. 2. How should Ken and John adapt Casaba’s California practices to their situation?

What problems will they run into (cultural and otherwise)? Chips International is a Japanese company with Ken Moratoria which is the general manager and John Sinclair which is the personnel manager. Together they’re trying to adapt the Japanese practice to increase the profit of their company. Chips International used to adapt itself to the Japanese culture slowly by taking time and Ken and John should follow this way and not want to implement it too fast because employees won’t understand and it will create a bad atmosphere and maybe some complaints and a decrease of productivity.

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