Compare and Contrast Early and Late Marriage

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Marriage is an inevitable stage of our life. However, people debate over the pros and cons of early marriage and late marriage. Some people get married early just because of their environment and culture. Some have to marry their partner due to pregnancy or other social issues. In some parts of the world, people focus more on education and career and they prefer to marry late. Undoubtedly, the marriage is one of the most important institutions of the society. Each person in the world would like to get married as a consequence, they want to have their children and their houses which is they can live.

However, there is a comparison and contrast on marrying young or marrying late. The first difference in marrying late or marrying early is maturity. People who get married at older ages have maturity. The fact that, while these people decade some issues they can think healthy. Getting older means a maturing attitude towards things. Looking at things in a different light sometimes is a matter of only waiting for a few years and looking back at how things used to be. Bride and groom wouldn’t be really prepared for the real life in early marriages.

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Their immaturity can lead to crisis in the family and eventually divorces. Ones need to have enough personal skills to maintain a healthy marriage and family. One of the surest signs of immaturity and irresponsibility in both young men and young women is a lack of willingness to do a reasonable share of work in a consistent, dependable way. There are financial advantages to get married later in life and disadvatages to get married early. Most people have established good careers when they are older.

This makes for a more stable relationship in the long run. Waiting until later in life to get married makes good sense for this reason. The more established your finances, the fewer struggles you will have to go through in the marriage. The main problem of all early marriages is a financial one. Young couple is just depressed by their low income. Lack of proper education, inexperience & youth do not help the young to receive a large payment for the jobs they do. Some young people decide to get married even without any sources to existing.

The reason for lack of money in a young family is not only a low income but also radiant expectations of the young. Teenagers think they will be able to buy all that things immediately while their parents have needed years for achieving such wealth. Having baby at early twenties can have some other advantages in early marriage compare to late marriage. In such cases, parents and children would grow up in similar culture and they can have more understandings to each other.

Before the age of 50, they can be more relaxed because the children will be old enough to take care of themselves. When their children become teenagers, they’re still young enough to be not just their parents, but also their friends. Late marriage will result in late childbirth which is not very ideal for both mother’s and baby’s health. Then, people will give birth to fewer children than those in early marriages. Some might even plan to adopt one. Having fewer children means less bound between husband and wife.

Parents are too old by the time their children get married. Probably not even chance to see their grandchildren. Companionship exist in both early and late marriage. In a marriage there is always someone to talk to or to listen to you. Sometimes, of course, your spouse might not be ‘really’ listening to you but it is still more satisfying than talking to yourself. It is good to have someone there to have a conversation, to bounce ideas off or to have exchange of remarks. Companionship also offers support and can be particularly important at times of trouble or stress.

At such times, having a partner has distinct advantages over being single. When you know that you can count on someone to be there for you, you get a lot of confidence in life. Neither early marriage nor late marriage has substantial advantages over each other. The health of a marriage depends more on the individual’s mindset rather than the age they get married. It is commonly agreed that the most important part of a relationship as strong as a marriage is growth. The couple must grow cognitively, mentally and emotionally at the same level.

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