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China Becoming a Superpower?

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China Becoming a Superpower? China, in many ways is becoming a superpower. Not everyone agrees with this. How could China be a superpower to the United States? There are five factors a country can become a superpower, economically, culturally, politically, technology, and military. China has all of these factors. China has the second – highest economy in the world, and is becoming higher every year. They have changed the world economic landscape in technology. They have an outstanding military.

China clearly possesses the political power it needs to be considering a superpower, but still has a way to go.

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China Becoming a Superpower?
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According to Helen H. Wang, she does not think China will become a superpower. Even with the way China’s economy is and how it will grow in the future, she does not see it becoming a superpower anytime soon. China has the second-highest economy in the world, and will increase in the near future. In the past 30 years, China has sustained nearly double-digit growth.

“1In the next 10 to 15 years, their economy will grow rapidly and then slow down when its per capita income approaches $10,000.

That will make China’s economy close to the size of the U. S. economy. ” In my opinion, I think that even if their economy reaches $10,000 it will still grow. A recent study by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace predicts that by 2050, China’s economy will be just 20 percent larger than that of the United States. China’s military power has been around since the late Qing Dynasty. Their power continued to play a role after the Chinese Republican leader Sun Yatsen strengthened power and created the Whampoa Military Academy to train a new army in 1924.

With every new leader, the army continued to become stronger. China’s history has shown that whoever could control the military, would control China. “Its military power is puny compared with that of the US. While America has 11 aircraft carriers, China only commissioned its first last month – based on, of all things, a Ukrainian hull. ” says Martin Jacques author of when China Rules the World. Chinese statistics for their military shows that they have produced and deployed a wide range of missiles; they have conducted 45 nuclear tests and have had many successful uclear tests in 1964. China is estimated to have about 400 strategic and tactical nuclear weapons. They have provided nuclear reactors and technology to several counties including design information and fissile material that helped Pakistan develop nuclear weapons. China’s technology is being used to build a 36,000 acre wind farm in Texas. The country is exporting its wind power to the United States. Most homes in China heat water using wind and solar panels on their roofs. The Chinese computer Tianhe – 1A has 1. times the horsepower of that of a computer made in the United States. Not only is China becoming a superpower with technology alone, also with military technology and economical technology. China is becoming a technology superpower by its national R&D programs with the innovation systems of national and international corporations. Almost every phone out there is made in China, same as the tablets and anything else that is electronic. I find it very true about China becoming a technology superpower.

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China Becoming a Superpower?. (2016, Nov 20). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/china-becoming-a-superpower/

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