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Chrysalids Group Seminar



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    Sumayyah- Betrayal and loyalty those are two strong words that might have affected us some time in our life. The terms betrayal and loyalty are also relatable when we started our novel the Chrysalids by John Wyndham. In the novel the author shows the concept of betrayal and loyalty as the ultimate result of poor relationships. Jamal- Betrayal and loyalty are represented by the various kinds of relationships and their impact on one another. Misty- This is illustrated in two ways. Firstly the act of loyalty is shown as a result of true friendship.

    Pratish- And secondly the act of betrayal is the result of poor family relationships and friendships. We would now like to begin this seminar by supporting and proving our topic sentence. So firstly Misty would like to start off with how friendship can result to loyalty. Misty- We believe that a true and strong friendship can lead to loyalty. This is illustrated when David tries to save Sophie by attacking Allan who saws Sophie’s wet foot print on the rock. This also shows that David is brave and loyal enough to save Sophie knowing that she considered being a deviant.

    David’s loyalty is proven when he thinks “My intention was to gain a few minutes for Sophie to put her shoes on and hide, if she had a little start, he would never be able to find her”. This quote shows how David is trying to buy time for Sophie so she can run from Allan. This clearly proves that David’s action of saving Sophie who is considered to be a deviant is a great risk. But David’s stills consider it because he has a strong friendship with Sophie thus showing loyalty.

    David’s choice has a great impact on many individuals for example it delayed the process of Sophie getting caught it also affected David negatively because he got beaten by his father. Jamal – Another example of loyalty is when Michael refuses to go to Sealand with the foreign lady because he does not what to leave Rachael behind. This is shown when the foreign lady tells Michael that he cannot take Rachel because they will run out of fuel if the journey is too long. Loyalty is seen when Michael makes a critical decision that he is not going go to Sealand without taking Rachel.

    Michel explains his decisions to David and Rosalind by saying “she’s quite alone. Would you leave David alone there and would David leave you? ” This quote is important because it shows that Michel knows how to be understanding and loyal by questioning David and Rosalind what they would have done in this situation. This develops the topic sentence because it proves by Michaels action of staying in Wuknuk with Rachael that he is loyal to her, he also put himself in Rachel’s shoes to see how she would feel if she was left behind.

    Sumayyah – well as you heard now how loyalty is the result of friend ship what do you think would have happened if David did not support or help Sophie or if Michael did not help Rachel? (Pause) However Now I am going to talk about betrayal and how it can be a result of poor relationship or friendship. The result of betrayal is illustrated in the text when Ann betrays the whole group by deciding to marry Allan and leaving a suicide note exposing and blaming the whole group of their telepathic skills and the murder of Allan. This is shown when Rachel reads the letter that revealed the group.

    It said “It denounced all of us including Rachel herself and even Petra. It accused us collectively of planning Alan’s murder Rachel read it through twice and then carefully burned it ” This quote is important because it clearly shows how un trustworthy Anne is because she even accuses her own sister without any hesitation. This develops the topic sentence because Anne’s action of writing a suicide note of accusing and exposing the whole group is a betrayal. It is clear that Anne no longer cared for the group ultimately betraying and risking the life of everyone in the group.

    This effected many people such as Anne herself because she ended up taking her life because she did not the trust the group also the whole group need to stay more alarmed just in case anyone found out about their skills. Pratish- Betrayal was also the result when aunt Harriet asks to borrow her sisters’ baby to receive a certificate for normality, the sister refuses furiously showing no empathy or kindness. This is seen when Aunt Harriet enters David’s moms’ room and begs to borrow Petra in exchange for some days. David’s mom cold heartedly replies “In all my life.

    I have never heard anything so outrageous… To think that I should led you my own child” This quote is important because it shows that Aunt Harriet’s sister is so hateful towards deviants and blasphemies that she would not even bother helping her own sister. It also shows that Aunt Harriet and her sister don’t have a strong family relationship. This develops the thesis because it shows poor relationships are the results of heart breaking betrayals. Misty- Therefore it is clear that betrayal and loyalty is depended on the kind of relationship you have with the person.

    For example this was proven when David attempts to save Sophie from Allan even though it was a great risk. His actions shows pure loyalty towards Sophie because of the good friendship they had. Jamal- Another example that was mentioned was when Michael refuses to go to sea land because he does not want to leave Rachael showing loyalty because of the close relationship they have. Pratish- Moreover betrayal the opposite of loyalty was proven when aunt Harriet’s sister furiously refused to help her sister because of foolish reason. This shows how theur poor family relation usltimatly leads to betrayal.

    Sumayyah- Lastly betrayal is also shown when Anne writes a suicide note exposing and blaming the group of their telepathic skills and the murder of Allan. She even exposed and blamed her own sister and Petra showing how she did not have any trust in their friendship resulting in betrail. Therefore these situations prove that betrayal and loyalty can be a result depending on the type of relationship you have with the person. Does anyone have any one have any questions? (Pause) Thanks you for listing to our seminar and we hope you learned something new.

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