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Columbus Day Debate



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    The spirit and values of a nation are reflected in the nation’s heroes. Christopher Columbus has been regarded as an American hero since 1792. Every year Columbus Day is held on the second Monday in October to honor the man and his legacy. However, many people debate whether or not Columbus Day should be celebrated. I believe that Columbus Day should be celebrated in the United States because he opened up the New World to Europe, inspired a spirit of exploration and adventure that still lasts today, and he showed the importance of diversity and understanding of different cultures.

    When Columbus landed on the beaches of the Watling Islands of the Bahamas in October, 1492, he had inadvertently opened up a whole new world for the Europeans, Asians, and other countries of the Eastern hemisphere. Although Columbus was not the first man to truly discover the Americas, he can be credited as the man who made their existence known worldwide. The discovery of the Americas launched an era of discovery and exploration, especially in Europe. Many new foods and animals were brought to the Old World from the Americas. This would not have been possible with out Christopher Columbus. In addition, Columbus’s explorations eventually led to a period of economical growth in Europe. It is important that we take time to remember Columbus’s achievements on Columbus Day.

    Columbus must always be honored for his spirit of exploration and adventure. In 1492, he did what few other men would even dare to dohe would try to travel east and around the world to get to Asia. The problem was that many people believed that the world was flat. Without knowing what was going to happen to him, Columbus went against the popular belief of his time and bravely set out with three ships and sailed out towards the horizon. Eventually he would reach land and open up an entire New World to Europe. Columbus, on his four voyages, explored all the islands of the Caribbean and Honduras. Columbus was a man ready and eager for adventure and discovery. Today we follow his example as we explore the universe, the ocean floors, and the microscopic world. Scientists, like Columbus, are always questioning popular beliefs and setting out to prove a new theory. Columbus is a hero for all scientists and explorers today. Columbus deserves to be recognized as an American hero on Columbus Day for inspiring all people to pursue courage, discovery, exploration, and adventure.

    In addition to opening up a New World to Europe and inspiring a spirit of adventure, Columbus’s experience also showed the importance of diversity. Columbus was an Italian, but he learned to sail from the Portuguese, and his trip was funded by the Spanish. He needed the help of several different countries to accomplish what we now know him for today. Conversely, Columbus’s confrontation with the Natives shows how cultures conflict when they do not understand each other. Columbus and his troops massacred thousands of Native Americans, but they thought what they we doing was okay. They thought of the Indians as lower people, as did many other Europeans, because they did not respect or understand the Native culture. Many other American heroes, like George Washington, also thought this way. Although we are ashamed of what Columbus did, we can learn from his mistakes. Columbus deserves to be honored on his day because he helped us understand the importance of different cultures.

    In conclusion, I believe that Columbus Day should be observed by all Americans in the United States. Without Columbus, the United States would probably not be what it is today. He opened up a whole new world to the entire Eastern Hemisphere. Millions of people would later flee their home countries because of religious oppression, war, and famine and find home in the New World. He has been an example for all people to explore unknown worlds and to respect the new cultures that you may come across. Columbus is an important figure in the history of the entire world and deserves to be honored on Columbus Day.

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