Compare and Contrast the Lottery and Those Who Walk Away from Omeleas

Authors often use shock to move the audience to a deeper understanding of a universal theme. In the story by Shirley Jackson titled “The Lottery,” a slow-paced story in a “peaceful” village ends with the brutal death of one of its populace. In the science fiction short story by Ursula Le Guin “The ones Who Walk Away from Omelas,” a utopian society prospers under one condition – one child must perpetually suffer. Both stories have strong themes; however, I think The Lottery is better because it shows how society can involve in a violent act and think nothing of consequences.

The Lottery” by Jackson is an assembly where one person is picked to get stoned to death. The entire population of the town participates and this lottery is a tradition for them. This society knows that there is not a prize for the winner; this shows how the people in this society release a part of their evil onto other. Mrs. Hutchinson was eager to get to the lottery herself. She shows the evil in her character by wishing the pain that she must live through, and perhaps even die as the outcome, on others.

She does not want to accept the fact that she was chosen. Mrs. Hutchinson says that “It’s not like it used to be”, regarding the final results of the lottery. The lottery was something she looked forward to until the outcome of the lottery was forced upon her. Le Guin in “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omeles” used a utopian society in which Omelea’s happiness is made possible by the sacrifice of a child; this is sacrifice for the greater good of the rest of society.

The peace, love and happiness of the story ride on the shoulder on this little boy. The child is in a dark cellar, angry and naked, “I will be good please let me out” using this words to demonstrate it. Both stories show how society is affected by desires, traditions and cruelty. But The lottery share how its relate to the world in which we live today. Each society and families follow certain traditions. During forth months my family should not eat dark meal, following a Christianity tradition

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