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Compare and Contrast the Situation

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James Stephens and Emily Dickinson both talk about the wind but interpret it in different ways. Stephens’s poem “The Wind” is portrayed as an angry wind or the beginning of a tornado ready to destroy everything in its path whereas Dickinson poem “The Wind tapped like a tired man,” describes the wind as an old tired and timid man or a breeze that came and went.

Stephens and Dickinson’s poems have similarities and differences. Their similarities are both poems talk about the wind, give the wind fingers, and describe the wind as a person with feelings and actions.

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Compare and Contrast the Situation
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The wind stood up and gave a shout” was described in Stephens’ poem. Comparing to Dickinson’s “The wind tapped like a tired man. ”

Those are some similarities between the two poems. Differences between the two poems are Dickinson’s wind is tired and timid, Stephens wind kicks screams and wants to kill. Dickinson’s wind comes and goes. Just like a gentle breeze that blows in gently then leaves just like a guest, “He visited, still flitting; Then, like a timid man.

Again he tapped —‘twas flurriedly— and I became alone.

On the other hand, Stephen’s poem shows the fury of the wind, “And said he’d kill and kill, and kill. ” He quoted on the last line. He used strong words to show or help fancied the wind. Throughout both poems and going through their similarities and differences. I really admire both of them. Stephen’s poem is short and cuts to the chase, enabling me to have a great picture in my head on what is happening. Same to Dickinson’s poem but in my opinion, I had a little more of a hard time understanding the poem. Some parts I got it and some parts I didn’t. All in all both poems were great.

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