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This is an article talking about an arranged marriage. The main key points of this article are a fact about arranged marriage. The spectators of this article are speaking to a British society because the writer intended to present them the real meaning about the arranged marriages and how it works. Also, it gives clear revelation to the British people who an arranged marriage is different from their viewpoints. The writer gave this article obvious title, which send out clear what he proposed to say to British people.

Arranged marriages fascinate in the UK like watching horror films. Don’t scoff writer says to the British society, could learn a lot from the Asian experience). This is a very heavy message which can easily keep up the reader’s concentration. That is why I have chosen this article. Because of it is very interested article and it has most truthful stories which all took place in different places on this planet. Asia may have a bigger issue about arranged marriages according this article, but still there are other countries had had some things about an arranged marriage, but this article doesn’t mention them. Those countries are in the Middle East, especially Arab countries and part of African countries.

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The other interested point that I preferred this article is how the writer clarified the meaning of the arranged marriage and forced marriage. This could give extra magic to this article and may increase the reader’s vision again and again. The writer started his written I have been always married. Has there any person been marriage all his life? The answer is no but the writer is trying to explain how his marriage was and the type of marriage it was. For example writer told his written that he never met his partner before his marriage or they met a little time without being alone. All these he may present, all arranged marriage arguments are not bad as some people seem it. Because his marriage works and still he lived with his partner.

This successful marriage, organized before even writer come to this planet. Also, this is a big confirmation to the watt writer’s standpoint is as well as a clear message to those people see shocked marriages for the arranged marriage. The article considers how are British Asian influenced for an arranged marriage? In my point of view, first British Asian people are largest community who lives in Britain. And they had used an arranged marriages more than any other communities so that the writer wants to show other British people, how Asian people made their arranged marriage arrangements. For instance the writer has mentioned differences between tribal customs and Asian traditions. As, too clarifies the arranged marriage is an unlike than forcing marriage and not usually so aggressive as others may think. Instead, he rises the British Asian tribal customs still alive In United Kingdom.

This is also writer desires to tell the British people still necessary more learning to this tradition as it lives among them. There is some bad thinks or painful may face Asian girls, but it is most greatly related to tradition or tribal honor rather it not concern tribal customs. This also widely cleared what is the British people misunderstood has based. This is stationary showed to those against arranged marriage are not well-informed base of these traditions. There is another point that made about British Asian tradition. This is of about family size. The writer says Asian person’s family are still based an extended family than nuclear families. I think this is some things about their traditional and traditions are always important in every society wherever they live. As a British Asian still keeps their extended family is positive key. Why this is a positive? Because, arranged marriages are now more exceptional in the younger British Asian. There is not an easy thing when younger person who born in modern society has accepted the concept of an arranged marriage. If there is not benefit to him.

So it is very clear that an arranged marriage is different how other modern societies have seen it. In my opinion the way Asian families have been kept, their tradition is more acceptable and it works. Because, it is harder for the young Asian could adopt this kind of marriage types if it has come by forced. Whether it is emotional forced or physical. Either can not take for those generations. And, also it is too difficult for someone, who grows up in Britain to accept. I can say, the satisfaction from the young British Asian into the arrange marriage, came to freedom and this reason has become a more exceptional amongst them.

The writer also described the arranged marriage is a social act and it is not a personal or among two, but being more between two families. For example When the marriage has not decided the two people, mostly could become unsuccessful. Why this sort of marriage can work. This depends how is the two families committed the marriage. Positive dedication of the family might make the marriage become successful. As An arranged marriage based more responsibilities and expectations. Both couples may have to follow their rules to make their marriage works. Because of they were being more satisfied for what their families decided to their marriages and their choice has been addressed to them. As writer did not mention the other societies, who live in Britain and arranged marriages is a part of their tradition this could be the only weaknesses. There are different strengths this written. Example the writer has put everything in order; this may make the written becomes more interested.

Also, he has tried to give a clear significance to those who are against British Asian’s arranging marriages. The writer uses dissimilar instance, in his written includes his personal life; which may have increased how this message be attracted to the people and as it is capable to change other’s views.

The writer uses, different support evidence of his writing, about the topic. First part of his written says his marriage arranged before even comes to this plant and never met his partner before the marriage except a few times without being alone. It is the strangest arranged marriage, which could happen, but it works and it is successful. Also writer declare sometimes the people who arranged the marriages might not go away, but still have taken an important role to support how couples life becomes easier and victorious. Also says his daughter asked him to compose her marriage’s arrangements. All those evidence writer put in the written could be enough to his message is being a fact that he experienced. The writer uses a different written language style which all is suitable for the people who the writer mentioned to send his message. As the writer’s aim to say British people don’t jeer about British Asian’s arranged marriages. From my point of view, this is a suitable language to them.

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