The Eyes of the Dragon

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In The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King, Thomas is portrayed as more than just a character. Thomas exhibits traits of naivete, jealousy, and low self-esteem throughout the novel. As the son of a king, Thomas strives to meet his father’s expectations but is constantly competing with his older brother Peter. Thomas’s naivete is evident as he often finds himself secluded and lonely while his brother receives all the attention. During this time, Flagg, his father’s partner, takes advantage of Thomas’s vulnerability and corrupts him. Initially, Flagg scares Thomas by exposing him to dangerous situations, but despite witnessing Flagg poison his father, Thomas fails to recognize the evil in him. In fact, Thomas even seeks Flagg’s assistance in becoming a king.

Thomas envies his older brother, Peter, due to the attention he receives from both the townspeople and their father, the king. This envy becomes evident to Thomas upon realizing that their mother, Sasha, spent a significant amount of time with Peter during her pregnancy. Furthermore, Thomas feels jealous when he witnesses Peter presenting their father with a bottle of wine as a birthday gift. Overall, Thomas is envious of Peter’s honesty, integrity, intelligence, kindness, height, and good looks. This feeling of jealousy intensifies when Thomas sees their father and Flagg celebrating Peter’s achievements.

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