My friends came to celebrate

Everyone has unforgettable memories about what happened during their childhood. Have mine too. The house where grew up was filled with a certain sweetness that gave me an unforgettable childhood. Lived with my grandparents since my mom worked in another city. There were few uncles, aunties and some cousins I loved that house because it provided shelter and rest just like a sanctuary. This house was unforgettable because of its composition, its memories and the firm foundation it establish for my life. At first, the house stood on the corner of the street filled with flowers as a Arden and smelled Of candy.

An Old brick wall house built up for several decades. Located about 200 meters away from the Church, and 1 50 meters far from the public Library, which served of references. There was a lake at the end of the street, and the sunset directly behind it created a spectacular visual event. The place was quit and people only heard the sound of the bird. The house had two stairs with nine bedrooms and three bathroom. At the top floor, five bedrooms and two bathrooms. One kitchen, two storage rooms, a big living room at the bottom floor, four bedrooms, and one bathroom.

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The balcony, a peaceful area to study just like at the library. This house stood in the country which is Democratic Rep. Of Congo. Also, the house was full of memories, where family enjoyed company of each other. Just to enter the house means to leave all problem that happened all along the day behind. At this house, girls like boys prepared food, swept the land, or even clean their room and do the dishes without a thought of gender. When the time came to get up for school, we rushed to the bathroom so that the last person to get in was supposed to clean up.

Sometimes, we aka up at night around 1 Imp to cook, and the youngest ones helped the older, but ended up deprived of food. The smell of spicy food comes from the kitchen every night, and that food tasted of Chinese food. We ate as a group and had to be greedy even if they put a lot of food. Each Sunday night we had a family meeting in which every child was able to say anything because there was no repercussion and we watched the family movie made by our great grandpa which becomes a tradition. The best memory in that house was on my 15 years old birthday party where all my friends came to celebrate with

At last, the house remains a firm foundation for my life here in America. The love we charred in that house, the way our grandparents guide us on the right way all ways remain in me. Know how to cook, to wash clothes to clean the dishes pretty much how to maintain a house. I also learned how to put everyone in his/her place and to respect them. All the work that my grandparents have done to build that house showed me how to be strong no matter what. Even in the poor moment they smiled to give life to us and all the other people living with them including their neighbor.

My grandpa told e when someone does not have what he/she is looking for, that person has to be glad for what he/her got. No matter what, kept that sentence and carry it wherever I go, and apply it on my daily life and that is going to last forever. Therefore, I grew up with God in my life and knowing how to love. I am strong because had a great childhood with such an amazing house, with family, friends. I learned how to stand and fly by myself in this house. Since my parent were not there for me my, I had a real childhood filed of good memories. This house will always remain on my heart forever.

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