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Different Changes – My Interview

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She rested throughout her entire pregnancy. She mentioned that she experienced swelling all over her body, hands, and feet. Before her pregnancy she was a size 5 1/2 in shoes, after her 6 months a size 6, and in her last month of her pregnancy a size 6 1/2. She then mentioned that her sense of smell was enhanced. She also had a constant crave for sour fruits during her pregnancy. Physical changes for partner: Expected response and observed response: The father said he had gained Wight.

He also stated he craved for Chinese food and at times feel real tiered.

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Different Changes – My Interview
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Psychological changes for mother Expected/Experienced response : The mother had a fear of loosing her baby especially since she was loosing weight during her pregnancy. After she began to gain some weight the thought of loosing her child slowly disappeared. She also mentioned that she couldn’t stand the thought of her husband around her. She also felt overjoyed at the thought of knowing she would soon become a mother.

Psychological changes for partner Expected/Experienced response : He felt anxiousness for the babies arrival.

Changes in interpersonal relations for mother: Expected/Experienced response: She noticed that her youngest sister came closer to her during the pregnancy. Although ere sister lived in Michigan, CA, her sister would make the effort to call and ask her how she was doing. She mentioned they would converse for hours on the phone. Changes in interpersonal relations for partner: Expected/Experienced response: He said that his older sister was always there for him if he ever needed her. He felt they had a close relationship during the pregnancy of his wife.

Stresses of pregnancy for mother: Expected/Experienced response: She said that the only major stress she had was loosing her child. She was afraid of not gaining proper weight for her child. Another stress she experienced was birth delivery. It was going to be her first time giving birth and the unknown possibilities that something might go wrong during her delivery caused her a bit stress Stresses of pregnancy for partner: Expected/ Experienced response: The thought of becoming a father was a bit stressful for him.

Response to stress for mother: Expected/Experienced response: She would try her best to stay positive when ever she stressed about anything. She mentioned that praying to her GOD was a great way for stress relief. Response to stress for partner: Expected/Experienced response: When partner had stress during the pregnancy he would put in some overtime at work. He said it helped him relieve the stress. He also said that playing basketball was another great way for him to relieve his stress.

Considering what you have learned from your interview: How would you help or support a pregnant woman and her partner throughout their pregnancy? I would help out by taking some Chinese food for the husband and buy some so fruits to satisfy their cravings. I would also help out by helping her watch her other kids so that she can rest because she was tired and being pregnant drained a lot of her energy. Another way I would help anyone that is pregnant helping them with heavy things, picking meeting up for them,and Just been more sensitive to their needs and feelings.

Briefly explain your own personal opinion about your interview; Were you surprised by the answers given by the interviewee(s)? I feel that I learned a lot from my interview and I was defiantly surprised by the interviewees answers. The mother took me by surprise with all t physical changes she had to undergo. ‘ was shocked to learn that her significant o had experienced changes during the pregnancy. Another thing that took me by surprise was the thought of her loosing her child due to the fact she had trouble gaining weight.

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