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Essay about Julius Caesar

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In Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Marc Antony changes his view of Brutus as more is revealed to him. Antony is sought on the revenge of his dear friend Julius Caesar, of whom was assassinated by Brutus and his comrades. Antony sees no goodness in the mind and heart of Brutus and, as a result, he knows what he has to do in his mind and heart.

Antonys initial public thrashing of Brutus would be the speech to the Romans for Caesars funeral.

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Essay about Julius Caesar
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Antonys main purpose in his speech was to make the Romans know the honor the Caesar name holds, instead of the disgrace Brutus has put on it. Antony himself knows the things said of Caesar where false, but has the intellect to not come right out and speak nothing but evils of Brutus, because the people are noble to Brutus. He reflects on the speech of Brutus, which was of Caesar being ambitious. In order to prohibit an uproar from the Romans, Antony says, For Brutus is an honorable man;/ so are they all Those lines in conjunction with Antony proving Caesar to not being ambitious, convinces the Romans that they shouldnt be noble to Brutus or his comrades.

With that speech, Antony has persuaded the people of Rome to his views and has even more reiterated his passion for revenge.

From then, war has erupted and led to the deaths of the conspirators, including Brutus. Ever since Brutus betrayed Caesar, Antony has thought of nothing else but to see what has now come of Brutus. But, in a twist, Antony now realizes the true mind and heart of Brutus. This was the noblest Roman of them all./ All the conspirators save only he/ Did that they did in envy of great Caesar, Antony said, referring to the corpse of Brutus. Antony now realizes that Brutus doings were what he saw in his mind, as being the best and only thing to do for Rome. Antony continues citing Brutus doings are what nature intends when a man is created, to do what is in the best interest of his country. For this he pays his respects to the man he has hated for so long.

Now as Antony can reflect on what has occurred, much must trouble him. In his first speech, Antony sees only what appears to be obvious, and not what it all could mean. As much the same as Brutus following the other conspirators. Antony first cites that an honorable man wouldnt say so false sayings of a man, like Brutus did. Antony later realizes that Brutus was tricked into it, being told of the good that would be brought to Rome. In fact, Antony puts Brutus as a scum of the earth, but then puts him in the likes of Caesar.

Antony only wanted one thing in his conquest, to have the Caesar name be honored. He tried anything and everything to make it so. In spite of his overall genius of conducting his plan, Antony looks over the deepest corners of Brutus soul, the part that coincides with his enormous patriotism toward his country. If only this could have been revealed to Antony earlier. Would Brutus of continued his noble spirits? That question seizes to be answered, for no one truly knows the depths of ones soul, one can only hope to recognize it before time has past.

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