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Feudal System in the World


Words: 2037 (9 pages)

During the time of the feudal system, the government was at a standstill. The Catholic Church had the final word on how things would work. People were born into a certain role in life, and there was nothing the citizens could do about it. The king ruled over everyone, the lords over the knights, and…

Confucius and the History of Chinese Civilization


Words: 2455 (10 pages)

The history of Chinese civilization spans thousands of years and encompasses countless ideas, beliefs, and societal and political doctrines. However, from a modern standpoint one distinct perspective prevails above the rest in the manner and degree it has influenced the development of China. For the previous 2,000 years the teachings of Confucius, and the systems…

Compare the portrayal of Creon in Oedipus the King and Antigone Sample



Words: 667 (3 pages)

In both dramas Creon is of high societal position. In Antigone he is the male monarch of Thebes. In Oedipus the King he is the brother in jurisprudence to Oedipus and becomes king at the terminal of the drama. In Antigone. Creon is portrayed as a chief character as the secret plan revolves around him…

United States History: Colonial Life



Words: 312 (2 pages)

Colonial life was rough; Lord or Lady, slave or servant, there was work to be done. Work changed with the change of the seasons, however there was never a lack of work that needed doing. Butchering livestock, cleaning, cooking, and tending crops were all vital to the community. Middling planters could make a successful life…

Monasticism in Medieval Europe


Words: 1225 (5 pages)

Monasticism was one of the most important institutions of early medieval society. The reason for its appeal was it promised a transformative experience, religious commitment, and communal living. Following Christ did not require a solitary life or a monastic one however it was a response by its believers. The shaping effect it had on medieval…

The Rise And Fall Of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Words: 525 (3 pages)

This book was all about the life of Adolf Hitler, and how he rose to power, and in an instant lost it all. I enjoyed this book allot and could not put is down.This is the story from my point of veiw. The first part starts off by telling the reader about Hitler’s upbringing. How…

The Holocaust: Buchenwald


Words: 2652 (11 pages)

IntroductionThe Holocaust is the most horrifying crime against humanity of all times. “Hitler, in an attempt to establish the pure Aryan race, decided that all mentally ill, gypsies, non supporters of Nazism, and Jews were to be eliminated from the German population.He proceeded to reach his goal in a systematic scheme.”One of his main methods…

Monotheism Among the Ancient Israelites


Words: 708 (3 pages)

Part A 10-30-99In Hebrew history, there are many instances that show there is only one true God that the Hebrews worship. The worship of only one God is called Monotheism. Judaism is regarded by most to be the founding religion of God. A sign of monotheism is that Jews believed in a single, transcendent God…

Shaping Better


Words: 297 (2 pages)

We all know that today is the 21st century. It is a century of new level of thinking. New kinds of ideas arise from people’s minds born in different year. It also means that there are hundreds of people in the world born every minute. Thus, adding to the number of inhabitants on planet Earth….

Analysis of Feudalism in William Shakespeare’s ”Macbeth” Sample



William Shakespeare

Words: 1084 (5 pages)

William Shakespeare’s tragic drama Macbeth is set in 11th-century Scotland. The overarching political system so was feudal system. a system that was “based on the retention of land” and placed “an increasing accent on local protection. local authorities. and local self-sufficiency” ( World History. Section 9-4. pp. 214 ** ) . Shakespeare. nevertheless. lived during…

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