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Essayon Poem Analysis: Mend Walls by Robert Frost

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Robert Frost was one of the most famous and important poets of the 20th century and his poem “Mending Wall” was published in 1914. It is one of his longer poems and it is written in blank verse. The poem was in Frost’s second collection of poetry. My reading process for this poem was over the course of a week and a half. My first reading was right after I had first seen the poem and then I waited three days until my next reading.

Then I read the poem and wrote about it on a daily basis. In the beginning of my reading experience I thought the poem was literal in the sense of an actual wall. But after a few more readings I really starting looking at it in more of a metaphorical sense. By the end of my readings I had concluded that the poem was in a metaphorical sense. My first reading of the poem has left me with many unanswered questions.

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Essayon Poem Analysis: Mend Walls by Robert Frost
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The beginning lines were very confusing. I couldn’t quite tell if what Frost was saying was meant to be literal or not. Much of the first half is unclear to me. But by the second half I think I see more of the story. I do like the language Frost uses to describe the seasons and how they lead to the main character asking for the wall to be taken down. At this point I think that the story is about two men owning two plots of land and one wants to keep a wall up dividing them and closing them off from each other while the other wants to open the gap. I still don’t see much of the true meaning behind the story. But at the end of the story the main character says the neighbor repeats that his father said by saying, “good fences make good neighbors”. The second reading of the poem is slightly easier. I think I am beginning to understand some the metaphors that Frost is using. In line ten Frost s.

. .I do like to go back and reread my favorite parts of stories and books so analysing how my views and ideas change over a piece of writing was interesting for me. During my first read of something I often look at the work in a very literal sense. I am only trying to see what the writer is strictly saying and not really looking for any literary devices. After that with each read I try to look for more hidden meanings. I read it from all the different viewpoints I can think of to see what evidence there is for it. Once I have found what I think is the best fitting meaning I try to pinpoint the parts that fit that view. As a reader I am very similar to myself in that I am very into the details and very tactical about how I look at the meaning of something. When reading something I take steps in looking at it much like I did when reading Frost’s poem “Mending Wall”.

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