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The Pasture by Robert Frost is a short, two-stanza poem that shows the speaker’s love for nature. The speaker is going to clean the grazing land spring, which symbolizes a new beginning in his life. The phrase wait to watch the water clear is important because the speaker wants the reader to slow down and enjoy nature. In the second stanza, the speaker wants to bring the young calf to its mother, which may symbolize his own son. The speaker repeats the line I shan’t be gone long -you come too to invite the reader to come with him and enjoy nature. Overall, the poem shows the speaker’s appreciation for nature and his desire to share it with others.

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“The Pasture” by Robert Frost is a short. structured two-stanza verse form. This verse form gave the readers a vision of Frost’s character. Reading this verse form. I get the feeling that Frost truly loves the state.

I think the grazing land spring in the phrase “I’m traveling out to clean the grazing land spring” symbolizes the speaker’s life. So when he stated he will clean his life. he truly meant that he is holding a new beginning. I do non cognize what the spring meant. but if it should hold meant spring as in season. it will further back up talker acquiring a new life. new beginning.

The 2nd and 3rd line of the verse form is “I’ll merely halt to rake the foliages off ( and wait to watch the H2O clear. I may ) ” which slows the reader down by utilizing initial rhyme. The phrase “ ( and wait to watch the H2O clear. I may ) ” may look unimportant because it is surrounded by the parenthesis. yet it is mentioned in a really brief verse form. so it must be of import to the talker. In that line entirely. the talker wants the reader to decelerate down and bask the nature he loves.

In the 2nd stanza. the talker says “I’m traveling out to bring the small calf. That’s standing by the female parent. It’s excessively immature. ” I think the small calf is typifying the speaker’s boy. “It totters when she licks it with her lingua. ” In that line. the talker is detecting the calf’s motions and reacting positively to it. which besides can back up my thought of the calf being the speaker’s boy.

At the last line of each stanza the talker repeats: “I shan’t be gone long. -you come excessively. ” The talker loves the state so much he wants the readers to come along with him and be his company.

Finally. the whole verse form is fundamentally stating that the writer truly loves the nature and non merely will he clean up the spring and make his jobs. but he will besides take clip to look at nature.

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