Families and Its Beliefs

A family is a group of people who help and care for each other and will stay together. In this generation many people do not have a blood related family. Families can be made with other relatives and friends. Families are the people to help when they are in need and have no one else to turn too. In the book, “Reviving Ophelia: saving the selves of adolescent girls,” the author, Mary Pipher is trying to say that the community as a whole is the reason why so many families are so broken, but some people still manage to have families of their own.

Pipher explains to us that there are families out there that aren’t biologically related, but it doesn’t stop them from loving each other unconditionally. Families can be made through relatives and friends, but even through this, not everyone has the skill to be included. Families can be anyone that loves them, cares for them, and will stick by them no matter what happens. Even though some families are not blood related, that doesn’t stop them from lending money to another member in need or just to be there to talk to when the other person is stressed.

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These things are what families do; regardless of their blood relationships. Pipher tells us about an alternative to having a family if one does not have one. She informs us about “formed families”, which is solution to a family for those that doesn’t already have one. Although this aid people in their search for a family, this isn’t always the case because members of a “formed family” do not always have as much acceptance for you as a person.

This becomes a problem for many people are shy, and for people who have diseases that limits their social skills like Alzheimer. Friendship is hard to make around the world where people are just so busy and in their own little worlds where they are all just worked based have no time for friends anymore. Because of this, many people are left out with these formed families. Pipher tells us although there are some alternatives to achieving the love of a family, nothing can compare to a true nuclear family because they will always come through when they must.

The American society has gotten more impatient and more violent over the years, but this hasn’t just begun because it dated all the way back to when the country’s founders raised this empire. The founders of America, rebels with independent egos, wanted independence because they had no desire to be ruled by another country. This independent ego mentality still lives amongst us today because many people in society cares about their own needs before the needs of others. Because the American culture revolves around money, businesses see no need to satisfy their needs so they put prioritize profits over consumer happiness.

Pipher also tells us about our “unwritten rule of civility” which are basically things expected of one another for civilization to exist; like not cutting the places of others in lines, or holding the door open for another person. Yue 3 She states that the American culture is starting to crumble by starting with our “unwritten rules of civility” first. The community as a whole is the reason why so many families are so broken, but some people still manage to have families. So many people out there are very unfortunate to not have a blood family and which is why they go try to find their own family.

For some people it’s hard to make friends and which makes them to be isolated and have no one to talk to. Making friends is a skill which not everyone has. Also in the American culture with the crumbling unwritten rules of civility, it makes living in America even harder to make friends because everyone is so selfish and just wanted everything for their own benefit. In this culture we have a huge gap between helping others and doing what benefits them. Response The community as a whole is the reason why so many families are broken up.

You have to look at the big picture first before you can really see why we have this crisis. Piper gives a good example of this, “Families love each another even when that requires sacrifice. Family means that if you disagree, you will still stay together. ” (pg 198) Families are people who truly care about you and just want the best for you even when it requires some sacrifice. Families are supposed to care a love for each other but because of this chaotic world we live in, sometimes blood related families are not the greatest.

This culture everyone always tries to do everything for themselves and want some kind of profit when help each other. People want to get some sort of reimbursement when they do things for others. Since people couldn’t have blood families some people resorted to having formed families. A formed family is a family made of a community of friends, but there is a down side to them, “Formed families can leave out many people. ” (pg 200). Another down side to formed family is that they often have less staying power.

Also Pipher says, “Rudeness is everywhere in our culture. ” (pg 201) Even in our everyday lives we watch and just see everyone just jokingly insult each other like its nothing. In this generation no one really thinks what they say anymore. People just do and say whatever they please regardless of who they may hurt. We live in such an isolated culture where everyone is only looking out for themselves. We really need to change this mentality that this culture has at its source, which is the community as a whole.

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