American Values and Beliefs

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As time passes, values undergo changes and compel me to engage in deep reflection. Every individual possesses their own distinct array of values, encompassing various aspects like history, family, state affairs, economy, religion, and personal beliefs. These values are shaped by qualities such as upbringing, honesty, intelligence, education, and kindness. Nevertheless, moral choices are unquestionably influenced by factors like place of living, nationality, religion, and the governing system prevalent in one’s country. Now let us direct our attention towards American values.

The article can be divided into different interconnected sections: Cultural roots of mainstream American society, American values, and National convictions of Americans. The author emphasizes the importance of analyzing the historical and cultural origins of mainstream American society in order to comprehend the prevailing American worldview fully. The author highlights that freedom is central to the values cherished by Americans, referring to historical facts to support this claim.

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Moreover, the author acknowledges that Americans have a unique understanding of “freedom” which highlights the aspiration and ability for individuals to govern their own lives without any interference from organized authority. This viewpoint highly values individualism. It is important to mention that Americans also uphold the inherent worth of every person as they are believed to be created in God’s likeness. Apart from freedom, the author acknowledges other values cherished by Americans.

The author emphasizes the unique values that define American society. These values include individual ownership, self-sustainability, independence, achievement, self-worth, unwavering beliefs, and love for one’s country. The author specifically highlights American patriotism, which goes beyond a mere connection to the land and encompasses a distinct set of principles and the “American Way of Life.” Thus, freedom, identity, and patriotism can be seen as the central values of Americans. When analyzing the article’s style, it is crucial to pay attention to the vocabulary chosen by the author.

The article contains various international words like monarchy, aristocracy, patriotism, etc. It also presents a diverse range of terminologies related to its essence. In terms of morphology and syntax, the writer utilizes multiple non-finite verb forms such as participles and infinitives. Examples include the need for analysis, making a fresh start, seeking, and so on. Moreover, there is a significant usage of passive constructions in the article, such as were motivated and to be associated. Furthermore, the article demonstrates a more systematic syntactical organization and logical arrangement of ideas.

The text exhibits simplicity in its sentences and lacks subordinate clauses or conjunctions. It possesses a distinct organization with logical structure and expressive language. Notably, the article fully represents American values. Despite the passage of time and evolving values, Americans consistently place great importance on their national principles. Personally, my main concerns revolve around the well-being of my family and striving for peace within our nation. Finally, I want to express appreciation for your time!

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