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American Values and Beliefs

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Time change, values change. I was involved into deep thinking by this problem. Every person has own values. There are different type of values: historical, family, state, economical, religious, individual and many others. However, every person should choose what value is? This choice depends on personal qualities. Such as good up brining, honesty, intelligence, education, kindness and so on. But, of course, the moral choice of person depends on the place where he lives, his nation, religion and state order. Coming back to the article the next issue I would like to focus on the American values.

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American Values and Beliefs
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The article under discussion may divided into several logically connected parts, which are Cultural roots of mainstream American society; American values; National convictions of Americans. At the beginning of the article, the author starts by telling the reader that before we can fully understand the dominant American worldview we need to analyze the historical and cultural roots of mainstream American society. The author outlines the historical facts from which we can say that freedom is at the center of all that Americans value and hold dear.

Further on the author ascribes that by “freedom” Americans understand the desire and the ability of an individual to control his own life without interference from any organized authority. The author emphasizes the conviction that Americans notion of freedom focuses on the individual and individualism. It is an interesting fact that Americans cherish the belief that is the human being is made in God s image then every person has value. In addition to freedom, the author mentions other values of Americans.

Such as individual proprietorship, self-sufficiency and self-reliant, success, self-esteemed, arsenal convictions and of course patriotism. Describing these values, the author stresses that Americans society is unique, different from all other societies. The author makes an accent on American patriotism, which does not mean the identification with the land, but the identification with a certain body of ideals, the American worldview, the “American Way of Life”. Thus, we would chose the main values of Americans: freedom, identity and patriotism. Considering the stylistic features, we should outline the lexical side of the article.

It contains some international words monarchy, aristocracy, patriotism etc. Also the article is full Of terminological variety connected with essence. Concerning morphological and syntactical features, we can remark that the author uses many none-finite verb forms, such as participle and infinitive. For example need to analyze, to make a fresh start, were seeking and so on. We should also point out (Automotive) a significant number of passive construction were motivated, to be associated etc. The article demonstrates more syntactical organization and logical arrangement of ententes.

The sentences are not complicated with chain subordinate clauses and number of conjunctions. Saying about composition features we should point out that the text arrangement is marked by precisions, logic and expressive power. I ‘d like to conclude by saying that the article in fully reflects the values of Americans. In spite of time, changes and their values change Americans continue cherish and hold dear their national values. For me the main values are my family and their health and piece in our country. Et me stop here. Thank you for your time!

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