Film analysis – KPAX is the main character Prot or Robert Porter Essay

Prot appears to be a human figure, who some may think is a lunatic due to the fact that he claims that he is from another planet called KPAX. Firstly, humans are incapable to understand a dog, when it barks and responds back.

In KPAX Prot communicates with Dr. Mark Powell’s dog and then tells Dr. Powell’s kids what their dog had said. Also, when hypnotized Prot is still talking describing life on KPAX, he is under compulsion therefore meaning that he is not lying.

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Film analysis – KPAX is the main character Prot or Robert Porter
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Prot declares, that he is returning to KPAX on the 27th of July, and Bess would like to be taken away to KPAX with him. On the 27th of July something rather mysterious happens. After reading this essay, you will thoroughly understand why Prot is an alien from the planet KPAX and that he is on Earth in a human body.Prot is an alien from KPAX, because he can communicate with dogs.

When Prot visits Dr. Powell’s home, he joyfully plays with their dog, Chaster. He is able to talk in the “dog language”, and tells the kids, what Chaster doesn’t like. In the movie he begins barking at the dog and than he says, “she says she doesn’t like it, when you hide her favorite tennis shoe” (KPAX).

Also he says, “she says she can’t hear well in her left ear, so don’t sneak up on her” (KPAX), no human is capable of understanding responses from a dog. When Natalie, Dr. Powell’s daughter, witnesses Prot talking to Chaster and receiving responses from her, she is stunned and she states, “no way” as if what Prot had just done is impossible for a human or “its out of this world”. Due to the fact that Prot can receive answers and communicates with dogs more effectively with humans, substantiates that he is not human.

Hypnosis, “a state that resembles sleep but that is induced by suggestion”( Even though, Prot was under compulsion he was still talking about life on KPAX. When under hypnosis he thoroughly and descriptively explains life on KPAX and the story of his human friend from Earth, Robert Porter.

When under hypnosis Prot differentiates the calendar on Earth and KPAX when he says, “its 1991, according to your Earth calendar” (KPAX) claiming that time on KPAX is different. Also he states,” in 1985: I’m 175 years old”, a human is not capable of living that long, proving that he is an alien. He seems to know a lot about the planet KPAX and because he is under compulsion there isn’t a possibility, that he could be lying.Lastly, Prot claims that he is returning to KPAX on July 27th and on that date Robert Porter’s body is left behind and Bess has gone AWOL.

Near the end of the movie (July 27th) Prot is ready to return home to KPAX and on that day he had left behind the paralyzed body of Robert Portert. In my belief, Prot had taken over Robert Porter’s body after he had attempted to commit suicide by jumping into a river, due to the tragic death of his daughter and wife. When Bess turns in her essay to Prot, this essay states why she should be the one chosen to go with Prot to KPAX and on July 27th Bess was missing.In conclusion, Prot is an alien from the planet KPAX.

Reasoning for this is because Prot is able to communicate with dogs and they respond back to him in the “dog language”, also known as barking. Next, even though he was under compulsion he was still claiming that he is from the planet KPAX. Therefore meaning he is an alien because one cannot simply lie while under compulsion. Lastly, near the end of the movie on July 27th Prot leaves Earth to return to KPAX in the human figure of Bess; leaving behind Robert Porter’s paralyzed body.

This goes to show you that Prot is an alien from the planet KPAX and is not a lunatic nor is he mentally ill.

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