George Orwell’s 1984 Research Paper

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George Orwell, writer of Nineteen Eighty Four, in 1921 joined the Indian Imperial Police but seven old ages subsequently resigned holding come to detest imperialism. This was evident in the novel when George Orwell portrayed the Party of Big Brother, as a authorities we wouldn’t want but if we were non careful we excessively like Weinstein Smith, the chief character, would endure in our life-time. But Mr. Orwell besides presented that we must non allow Big Brother control us and that we must arise and contend back or else Large Brother would win. In this novel I believe that detesting Big Brother is what kept Winston alive. To back up this thesis the back uping statements are Winston expressed his feelings which proves he was a sane homo, Winston was more logical than the Party, and he was non himself when he said he loved Big Brother.

Winston, the Party’s resistance, had the merely hope to arise. Winston wrote in his diary “if there is hope, it lies in the proles.”; Winston was sane and acted upon feelings cognizing he would be executed for them. When Winston foremost met Julia, he thought that she was a undercover agent and he wanted to sock in her skull. When he read her message which was “I love you”, he was stunned and besides pleased that person had feelings for him. If Winston was wholly under Big Brother’s power he wouldn’t have felt the impulse to return the love, and have the anxiousness of inquiring if she did truly love him instead so merely throwing off the incriminating message. Winston felt the feeling of hatred toward the Party and was willing to seek for the Brotherhood to seek to subvert the authorities. O’Brien asked Winston and Julia, “…what are you prepared to make?” Winston replied, “Anything that we are capable of.” Winston’s strong hatred toward the Party made him willing to slaying, commit Acts of the Apostless of sabotage, to rip off, and commit self-destruction.

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Followings of the Party would non hold felt the feelings of such contrast of love and hatred but instead to carry through their responsibility to Big Brother. Winston who was sane was more logical so the Party. Since Winston thought things through in a logical mode, it helped him remain reassured that the Party was evil and made him concentrate on non giving up but mentally non allow Big Brother win. O’Brien, member of the Party, when interrogating Winston said that the Party seeked power and when you have power, power could suppress affair. Winston was logically presuming that how could you command diseases, the jurisprudence of gravitation, or the clime. Everything that the Party tried to do Winston believe, he fought back through logical thought which conveyed more defects of the Party. “He had won the triumph over himself. He loved Big Brother.”

The above quotation mark was when Winston’s head was wholly encephalon washed at this clip he was killed. Why would the Party have killed him when he eventually believed and loved Big Brother? How come he wasn’t shooting when he told O’Brien “I hate him Big Brother “? The ground was detesting Big Brother kept Winston alive. The Party non merely wanted Winston to endure but to decease insane. Diing insane was accomplished when Winston was wholly encephalon washed and we know this from the clip he said he hated Big Brother to he loved Big Brother. The Party at all cost had to turn out that they had power by playing on people’s frights or brainwashing their ideas such as 2 + 2 = 5. Once this was accomplished, Winston was now harmless, useless, and wouldn’t be able to assist them derive power, this taking to his decease. Winston was murdered non as Winston Smith but as an achievement of the Party. While Winston was alive he hated Big Brother, some may state Big Brother stake him and that is why he was murdered. To me Winston succeeded in suppressing Large Brother personally because when interrogated he openly admitted he hated Big Brother and fought endorse utilizing logical accounts. There was no possible was for Winston to halt the Party from encephalon rinsing his mental ideas. Winston Smith’s head was lost the minute he was encephalon washed and all that remained was his shadow.

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