Global Warming – Problem for Mexico Essay

Global Warming – Problem for MexicoWith more and more pollution from Mexico, the country is having a problem with global warming. The problems form this pollution mean that the air and the dirt are drying out, and the temperature of the air is getting hotter. More problems with the weather will be a factor also.

Of all the major areas with the highest amount of people, Mexico City has the worst pollution. The city lies in a valley which traps the smog in the air.

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Global Warming – Problem for Mexico
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The smog builds up to toxic levels, and is making the people that live their sick. When the dirty water from Mexico City goes to the border cities, it mixes with what little water that is already there, and makes the water unfit to drink or use.

Problems with the water are also seen in other parts of the country, like towards the middle and out by the south west. It has been reported that, “raw sewage and industrial wastes have caused major pollution of rivers in urban areas,” (1).

Another part that makes this problem so bad for Mexico is when they cut down major areas of trees. When the trees are taken out, the soil and the air get dryer and warmer.

Since the roots are not holding down the soil, it gets eroded away, and the land turns into desert.The country has tried to help slow warming by “adopting internationally-accepted standards to measure and report business greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions,” (2). Mexico did that back in 2004. Another step earlier this year was to help the United States watch out more for loads taken through the border that might be dangerous or pollution causing, or to report if they find a place that needs to be cleaned up.

This is part in thanks to “talks under the SSP, or Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America,” (3).If the country of Mexico can get their people more involved in becoming earth-friendly, and to keep working on getting their businesses to cut down on their pollution, then Mexico might be able to slow down on their impact on global warming.  Works Cited(1) 

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