Essay- Gone(Fiction)

Gone As she was walking down the highway she kept thinking of how her mom could have end up with Steve, a poor, uneducated, unemployed drunk who probably only married her because she had more money than most people on our block. Her mother only wanted to marry since her husband went to war and never came back and she needed extra support with the children and other things like work. As she continued to ponder about her mother and Steve, another though came into her mind: had she told Davie about her running away? She quickly shook that though out of her mind making her relax a little bit, after all even IF she did tell him about running away, he didn’t know where she was going which lead to another though: where was she going? Unfortunately even she did not know where she was going, she just knew that it was somewhere on a forestry trail about 5 miles down the highway. She kept thinking about Davies and how she swore to phone him but she didn’t, how she treated him really bad at school today because he was “interrupting” her and her plans for after school. After a while she got to a fork in the road and it took a little less than a minute for her to remember that she had to go left in order to get to the outskirts of the city.

While walking she remembered about her “Bat Out of Hell” tape that she had in her bag, she quickly pulled it out and after figuring out which way it went, she finally managed to listen to it. Oh the relaxing sound of soft music going through her ears was calming her down. As she was walking and listening to the tape, she accidentally tripped over a rock. At first it was nothing, but then the pain came in.

As she looked around she noticed that she had actually tripped over an extended line of barbed wire! Now she was really worried about things, as she is regaining knowledge of where she is, there is a sudden movement that she managed to catch from the corner of her eye. Scared, she runs in the opposite direction and after running for.

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