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Gordon Ramsay was born on November 8th 1966. Ramsay is most famous for his television show Hell’s Kitchen. Gordon Ramsay was brought up in Stratford upon-Avon, England. When Gordon was younger he had high hopes on being a professional football player. After a few serious injuries he finally decided it was time to settle in and focus on his culinary education. At age 19 he enrolled at North Oxfordshire Technical College to study Hotel Management. After graduating, he apprenticed with Marco Pierre White at Harvey’s in London. Two years later, he joined Albert Roux at Le Gavroche. He also worked for three years in France with master chefs Jöel Robuchon and Guy Savoy. In 1993 Ramsay become chef of Aubergine in London. Within three years he was awarded two Michelin stars.

Following a break up with the restaurants owners Gordon left, taking his staff with him. After the falling out Gordon Ramsay at the age of 31 in 1998 set up his first wholly owned restaurant; Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. The London restaurant was quickly recognized as one of the best in the world and reached prestige level by being awarded three stars by Michelin. As of Today, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is London’s longest-running restaurant to hold this award, and Ramsay is among the only four chefs in the U.K. to maintain three stars. Following the opening of his restaurant Ramsay released his first book Passion for Flavour.

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The next several years following 1998 were a crazy ride for Gordon. He opened several new restaurants including Petrus in London, a second Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s, and eventually Verre in Dubai. In these few years he added three new books to his name. Passion for Seafood was published in 1999; Chef for all Seasons appeared in 2000 along with his trophy list. Following the release of those two books he won the coveted Chef of the Year at the Catey Awards. His transition into television started in the late 1990’s when he became the main focus on a British television documentary Boiling Point.

This documentary tracked the chef’s working life as he opened his first restaurant. After seeing how successful this mini film was, it became a reality series by the same name. This television show which pitted Ramsay with celebrity understudies like former MP Edwin Curry immediately captivated audiences and led to a sequel program in 2004 known as Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare. With reality booming in the U.S it was common sense that the Ramsay brand be brought over. In may 2005 Hell’s Kitchen USA was launched on fox. American audiences seemed to love Ramsay’s extreme personality. Ratings soared, which opened opportunities for an adaptation of his other British program, Kitchen Nightmares. This debuted on fox news in America in September 2007.

Ramsay’s high success in the U.S led to a fast opening of his first American restaurant, Gordon Ramsay at The London, in New York. In 2005 Ramsay presented five series of a food based program called The F word. This series became the most highly rated show on Channel 4 each week. In 2010 Chef Ramsay served as a judge and producer on the US version of MasterChef. After his debut on MasterChef Ramsay hosted the series Ramsay’s Best Restaurant, which was the Ramsay’s own production company, One Potato Two Potato’s first UK series. Gordon Ramsay was among one of several Celebrity Judges on The Big Fish Fight, where he, along with fellow chef’s and a few others, spent time on a trawler boat to raise awareness about the discarding of hundreds of thousands of salt water fish.

On March 2012 Fox announced Ramsay will be hosting a fourth series, Hotel Hell. The series is incredibly similar to Kitchen Nightmares except that it focuses on struggling hotels, motels and lodging establishments in America. The series debuted August 2012. According to recent news on October 18th Ramsay will be producing a drama called The Inferno. Ramsay is owner to many different awards. From being appointed Officer of the Order of the British empire (OBE) from Queen Elizabeth II in 2006 to things like winning Catey Awards.

In July 2006 he won the Catey Award for “Independent Restaurateur of the Year” making him only the third person to have one three Catey Awards. In September 2006, he was named as the most influential person in the UK hospitality industry, overtaking Jamie Oliver who was top of the list in 2005. Ramsay’s restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, was voted London’s top restaurant in food bible Harden’s for eight years. Now as an internationally renowned Chef Ramsay has opened up a string of highly successful restaurants across the globe. He has restaurants in places like Italy to the United States. Other than his restaurants currently open Ramsay has high ambitions to open several more.

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