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History of Philippine Literature

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History of Philippines Literature

Fables and tales from the pre-historic era have given rise to the literature of Philippines. Combined with the writing terms of the Hispanic and the culmination of different languages has brought it to be what it is today. It is believed that even much before the colonization, Philippines literature had evolved and there are tales of Spanish and Mexican domination that gives us insights into understanding how English, Spanish, Filipino and other native languages were used. In 1521, there was a use of a particular script known as Baybayin, and it was used to exaggerate the tales from the lands of Luzon when it was dominated by the Spanish.

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History of Philippine Literature
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The locals used bamboos and Arecaceae palm leaves to write using knives to engrave a script that was known as Tagalog. This script was limited to symbols of just seventeen for the language, with three consonants and vowels were given down to their successors.

The language had a different sound and needed to be further worked upon.

Literature has been preserved with the help of the Tagalog script that had a “Kudlit” or a diacritical mark which helped in the writing and speaking of the language. People used a line, a period or an arrow like symbol below or above the Kudlit to express themselves. Though developed at an early age, Philippines literature was made better and kept intact by the intellectuals who were Filipinos, and it was later that they started using English to express their views. Known best for its fables and tales around the world, Philippines literature was taken in its raw form to the West to be developed and that gave rise to many folklores and epics which have become famous throughout the world.

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History of Philippine Literature. (2016, Oct 29). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/history-of-philippine-literature/

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