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Critical Analysis of Philippine Literature

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  • Pages 3
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    Geyluv is a story about two men with a different sexual orientation. Benjie, a gay man falls in love with his close straight friend mike. Benjie confessed his love for mike then follows a flashback on how they met and became friends. The story is written in a style involving the queer theory due to the fact that the story involves the thoughts and insights of a Heterosexual Man to a Homosexual Man and vice versa.

    It sheds light to the feelings and what goes on in their minds as they interact with one another. It tells about what these two people think of each other and their relationship with one another. The story is somewhat complex in the structural aspect because the story features constant change in perspective, meaning it changes to the point of view of mike to the side of benjie and vice versa. Such style is evident throughout the story.

    The story started with a situation which will be followed by a flashback about how the two people met, how they got close, then slowly working back to the current setting and locale of the story then proceeds to the resolution of the story this sequence usually have a problem of being too complex to be used without having logical problems with the organization of the storyline and tends to put the story to a chaotic disarray. But this is not true in this story as it gives the situation then sheds light to the predicament by the flashback.

    It gives the story an interesting flow and prevents it from being monotonous and cliche then as usual it goes back to the standard flow which gives the resolution in the end. The story is also like a dialogue of their innermost thoughts just like reading letters from both of them, it has a subtle conversational feel even though they did not engage in an actual dialogue in most parts of the story, they had and exchange of thoughts based on what is happening in the storyline.

    It shows how they react to each other’s actions through the evident and regular change in the point of views which only consists of their thoughts and not the actual action they did. Though the story has an open ending, meaning they didn’t have the typical happily ever after, or perhaps a tragic ending. The story gives a hint of positivity that somewhat assures the readers that the story might really end up happy but not giving out the actual ending itself, giving the story temporal continuity meaning they might still be together and that the story is still on-going despite of the piece of literature be over.

    Just like Herman Ville’s classic masterpiece, Moby Dick, de Dios used a powerful one-liner to stir his readers’ curiosity. While Ville has his “Call me Ishmael,” de Dios has his “I love you Mike. ” It is Simple, yet strong; short, yet descriptive. This story is quite recent and its theme is familiar especially in these times where there are a lot of homosexual people in the world. It gives the readers the insight of a homosexual man and how his mind works. It also shows the readers that “gay” men is not very different to their heterosexual counterparts and that they should be given respect as any other individual should be given.

    It also shows that there are “straight” men that are comfortable with the close friendship with homosexuals. This also helps educate homophobic people that gay men are not bad and should not be treated with hostility. Today, where these people are given lighter treatment than in the more conservative past, there is still discrimination that is happening though there are a handful of prominent gay personalities, there are still instances of gay discrimination and disrespect and these negativity towards these people is still rampant because they many of them feel inferior to other “normal” heterosexual people.

    This story also shows the point of view of a typical heterosexual male toward a homosexual which is not necessarily negative or hostile but are compelled from treating the latter with respect due to the conformation to the social norms and the common misconceptions about homosexuals. The story gives light to common misconceptions about gay men without being heavily biased to straight males. It gives a moderate approach to the homosexuality issue giving the insights of both people and not disregarding the other.

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