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humanities chapter 7

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1. In which river’s valley did the Chinese people first settle around 7000 BCE?
2. Why did later inhabitants of this region call it the “Central Plain”?
3. Why have the earliest ritual jade discs (bi) been found in tombs?
4. Why have archaeologists been unable to find many ancient Chinese edifices?
5. According to Chinese legend, what inspired Fu Xi’s invention of a pictographic writing system?
6. Why is the writing inscribed on the ancient oracle bones easily understood today?
7. To what does the Yi Jing (Book of Changes) provide a guide?
8. What does the yin-yang symbolize?
9. What is considered to be the greatest artistic achievement of the Shang dynasty?
10. Why did the Zhou claim they were able to overthrow the Shang dynasty?
11. Why do Daoists advocate living in total simplicity?
12. What lies at the core of Confucianism?
13. Why did Confucianism become extremely popular among Chinese leaders and the artists they
14. Why did Qin Shihuangdi order the building of the Great Wall of China?
15. Why has Qin Shihuangdi’s actual tomb never been excavated?
16. Why was Cai Lun’s invention of cellulose-based paper so significant?
17. Along which river did Indian civilization develop?
18. Why around 1500 BCE did the longest-lasting class system begin in India?
19. Why is goddess worship fundamental to Hindu religion?
20. Why did Prince Siddhartha Gautama leave the palace to live in the wilderness for 6 years?
21. Why did Ashoka decry violence in 261 BCE and turn to Buddhism?
22. Why, around 483 BCE, were eight of the earliest stupas built?
23. Why do sensuous form, vibrant color, a profusion of ornament, and rich texture dominate
Indian art?
24. Why was the Silk Road so important in China’s development?

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