The 21st Century: A Century of New Ideas

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The 21st century is a time of new ideas and innovations, with many people being born every minute adding to the world’s population. However, this is not a hindrance, as every person has their own unique talent that can contribute to society’s development. Identifying and nurturing these talents can make a big difference, with creative writing being one example of a talent that can help others by providing new ideas and improving the world. With innovative applications like Facebook and the use of English as a lingua franca, people can share their talents and ideas to help shape 21st century learners.

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In the 21st century, a new era of thinking has emerged as individuals from diverse backgrounds bring forth innovative ideas and perspectives. Simultaneously, the global population is growing with hundreds born every minute. However, this growth is not a burden but rather an advantage, as each newborn possesses unique abilities and talents that contribute to human progress.

Supporting and displaying an individual’s talent is a valuable contribution to society, as seen in the case of someone gifted in creative writing. Creative expression is a talent that can be utilized for the betterment of others. How does creative writing assist others? It provides them with innovative ideas that have the potential to transform and enhance various aspects of contemporary life, ultimately benefiting future generations.

Other people may get different kinds of ideas from it. With the use of innovative applications such as Facebook, a person can share his/her talent to help others generate ideas. Through this process, many individuals are able to acquire knowledge. Furthermore, by utilizing English as a universal language for communication among speakers of different native tongues, it becomes possible to cultivate 21st-century learners. So, showcase your abilities and skills to the world, and with English serving as the common language for all, people can attain knowledge and learn.

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