Hunger Research Paper

Every year millions upon millions go hungry. World hunger is a serious and growing threat not just to third world countries, but everyone’s everyday community even in first world countries.How does world hunger not just affect the world but our very own community here in Warren County. The following list various examples of the most important things about world hunger so sit back relax grab some popcorn and read on. One of the biggest factors in our country alone is that we spend so much money on military, not saying military isn’t important but we are spending more than 800 billion in 2018 alone, that’s more than the next seven highest costing militaries in the world if they were all combined.Ending world hunger cost only about 30 billion that world hunger, so ending the hunger in the US which should be a high priority is essentially a penny to the government so why not end it once and for all and just spend the money on a equally as useful investment.

There are many countries that affected, actually probably all have people who are hungry, but some of the worst include: CAR the Central African Republic, Chad, and Sierra Leone. In these countries hunger is a real pandemic killing thousands and affecting millions each year. Between these three small countries alone there are approximately 7.5 million that go to bed hungry every night, this is quite a bit of people considering the three countries combined population is just 25 million. This mean about thirty percent of the people in those countries, now look around the room there’s about 20 people in this classroom if we had the same ratio of hunger there would be at least 6 in the room who go to bed hungry. Ending world hunger in a smaller country is actually more difficult for that smaller country who usually needs another countries help, this is because the countries GDP is commonly not good not providing a wide budget to complete these task and reduce the amount of people who go to bed hungry each night. How does hunger affect an individual compared to a person who routinely gets food whenever in need ? Although America had many hungry you could say it is a relatively good place for food, and lifestyle.

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The life expectancy in the US for a male is 78 years of age compared to one who is in poverty for example Central African Republic and Sierra Leone both have a male life expectancy of 51. This is quite a difference but still not the biggest take Americas 78 and compare it the world low Chad which is 49 this is a tremendous difference, each individual can do a lot in 29 years of life, I’d say almost none of us are 29 yet and we feel pretty old they have almost two of our life times cut off of theirs with a significant reason being that there is little food to go around the countries which affects most of the country. Even if you’re not one of the people who go to bed hungry each night there is a good chance you know certain people who do go to bed hungry. Which companies in the world are helping to end world hunger you may ask. There are a multitude of companies that raise a load of money for a vast amount of food.World Food Programs or WFP is an organization ran from the UN, having all countries support in the UN is a great addition knowing that they can work as whole to destroy hunger.The WFP delivers food assistance and work with communities to distribute the food to the best of their capability, such as their recent Yemen expedition raising over 1.5 billion and feeding a large portion of the hungry and almost all in Yemen.

To donate to them please go here . UNICEF is another huge organization that operates in 190 countries, UNICEF is more targeted to malnourished and poverty stricken children. UNICEF has been an innovative leader in bringing and finding ways to provide food to the one sin need since it was founded in December 11th, 1946. To donate go here . These are only two of the biggest companies there is a vast amount of companies and organizations that all do their part in helping to end world hunger. Each individual in our state alone can come together and raise money, but in what way ? Indiana is quite a hungry state when you look at it . Indiana is the eighth hungriest state in the US. One in seven households struggle to put food on the table every night. There are one in five kids and one in six women who go hungry every night.There is nearly one and a half million in Indiana who live in communities and districts with at least a 20% poverty rate.There is around 25’000 veterans who live below the poverty line. People of color are three times more likely to live in poverty. The state minimum wage is 7.25$ while its proven that 15$ per hour is what it takes to provide for a family.

These may seem like boring facts to you but now let’s look even closer at Warren county, Warren county is in between 0-11% hungry each night which is the lowest you can be and quite rightfully, but look at surrounding counties such as Vermillion and Parke who both are in between 12 and 16%, now look at the biggest around us and for a good reason tippecanoe county which is in between 20 and 30%. These may all just be numbers to you, but the point is that there is hunger all over the world and in our state, especially in close surrounding areas. The question is though what do we do to stop it. Each individual and company should take initiative in ending world hunger, some of these way an individual can end world hunger include the obvious donating to local food pantries, but there are other ways to help out in different ways. Perhaps volunteer at a food shelter and serve food for the hungry, or keeping some of your food and not just throwing it away all the time, whilst this may seem small at the time the food you eat accumulates quite quickly.

Companies should follow the same precedent not throwing and wasting so much food, but rather recycling and helping those in need. Food restaurants and stores could also do something where for every specific amount of money they earn a certain amount goes back to an organization to end hunger across the state. These are all examples of how hunger is such a simple but extraordinary killing pandemic. World hunger and local hunger is something that doesn’t just affect a certain group but all . I hope that you can find the time to help end hunger in the future even if it’s something as simple as donating a dollar. Going through this essay I also hope that you learned something new and will help me to inform everyone just how big of a problem hunger is and how to end it.

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