I am the Messenger

When he completes the Diamonds he gets another card that is the Ace of Clubs where he Is even a riddle that he has to solve, when Deed Is done with the first three Aces receives The Ace of Spades where he is given three names and has to figure out who they are and what to do. Lastly he gets the Ace of Hearts where there is three movie titles on the card. Deed then realizes that each movie has In some way the name of one of the three friends. ” I check the order. Ritchie. Mark. Audrey’ (Sake 290). First to help from the Ace of Hearts is his friend Archie.

Deed stays outside Richest house night after night trying to figure out how to help his friend. Archie has always en the friend where he always looks calm, cool and collected. But, on the inside, things Just aren’t right. Archie has nothing going for him at all. He doesn’t have a Job, ambitions, or accomplishments under his belt. Deed Is given the duty to help him and he figures out why. The last night of standing out at Richest house, Archie walks outside to Deed and tells him “Lets go to the river”(Sausages). While at the river they pretty much have a heart-to-heart, I think.

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Richly tells Deed that everyone has a Job; and, that he has nothing he wants to do. At the end of the chapter Deed and Richly eve one last set of dialogue ” ‘Deed? Ritchie says later. We’re still standing in the water. There’s only one thing I want. ‘ What’s that, Ritchie? His answer is simple To want. “‘ (Sake 304-305). Earlier in the chapter Deed says to Richly “Archie-? you’re an absolute disgrace to 302). Deed has to be hard on Archie. I believe to help him. There couldn’t of been any sweet talk to help Archie realize that he can be worth something. Next there is Mark.

Deed and Mark share an interesting relationship; they aren’t really chummy with each other all the time. Mark Is at times cantankerous, especially hen it has to do with being around Deed’s old, lazy, and smelly dog The Doorman. Throughout the book Mark talks about the money he was saving for an unknown reason. Deed has to figure out why he is saving all that money and never giving any type of clue to anyone. It is assumed Mark Is saving for a new car; but, he Is too attached to his run down piece of trash car anyways, and doesn’t want to get a new one. Deed figures out later on in the book why Mark is saving up so much money.

Mark reveals 1 OFF because Mark got her pregnant and they have a two year-old child together. It’s one f the most surprising parts of the whole book. Deed helps Mark build up the courage to go to Suntan’s house where she lives with her over protective dad who isn’t very fond of Mark. Mark of dubious at first; but, builds up the courage to knock on the door. Her dad is a short but heavy bloke, who throws Mark out of the house and yells “Now get the hell out of here”(Sake 323). A week goes by and Deed gets a message that someone wants to be picked up. Deed finds out its Susan, gets in his taxi, and makes his way to her house.

When Deed gets there he tells her that he can take her to where Mark s working. When they arrive Deed gets Mark, and he can see he is nervous but makes his way to the swing set where his daughter is waiting for him. After pushing her on the swings; they head back to where Susan and Deed are standing. At the end we get to read that Deed sees Mark smiling with tears in his eyes. He says “They are two of the most beautiful things Vive ever seen” (Sake 330). Deed got to help Mark be with his family, and in the end see a side of Mark that no one ever gets to see. Lastly we have Audrey.

A girl who is unable to truly love anyone due to her family always beating one another and never loving each other. “l think she loved them, and all they ever did was hurt her. That’s why she refuses to love. Anybody’ (Sake 23). Through out the book we read of how much Deed loves Audrey, but; Audrey doesn’t love him. Deed’s last mission is to have Audrey feel the love that she has blocked out with boys and sex. The true love that he can bring her. He does this by going to her house one night and making her dance with him on her front porch while music plays softly in the back. “She let herself love me for three minutes” (Sake 336).

All Deed needed to o was let Audrey love come into her. At the end of the book we find out all the secrets that Sake had planted. We find out who the master mind was behind the sending of the cards. From the very beginning everything was set up to show Deed that he was no ordinary taxi driver. He was someone who stood up for the one’s who couldn’t stand up for themselves. “I’m not the messenger at all. I’m the message. ” (Sake 357). Works Cited Sake, Markus. I Am the Messenger. New York: Alfred A. Knops, 2010. N. Page. Print. KEY Semicolons: Green Parallel Seen: Pink Pos. Apostrophes: Red Quotes: Orange Vocal: Blue

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