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The more enjoyable the experience is the more people will look forward to articulating, and if they are excited about it then they will more likely do their best work! That is direct evidence that happy employees/group members lead to a successful business/group. Found the questionnaire to be very useful, and the questions were thorough and on point. I used my family, once again, as my group when answering the questions. Most of my answers were rated quite high, so my score was pretty high as well. We were in the supportive category. I was impressed with that!

Since it is a family, there is quite a bit of warmth and purport, and we definitely have good communication in my house. I will help motivate them to keep up what we are doing right. Now I do have to consider what we can do to help raise our score to become a better functioning group. The lowest score was the involvement, and that isn’t going to become a high number, because can’t let my children run our household. I can try and listen to what their opinions are and take things into consideration more. Even with this being our lowest score, I still think we are a high functioning, successful group.

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I think here is always room for improvement, so I have come up with a few steps to take to help motivate us into the right direction. My best plan is to organize a group meeting once a week or biweekly, to gather all thoughts and ideas. We could implement a secret suggestion box, in case they want to remain anonymous, to share some thoughts or critiques with the leaders. After we discuss what could be done to help bring things together better, we could then discuss how to put that into action. If it is truly a group decision then the group should be involved al along the way.

It is up to the leaders to guide or carry out the decisions the group makes. Also another idea for change to help us improve is to have a chore chart, and a new reward system to help motivate them. I believe all the changes are possible, but I do have to admit that these things are much easier said then done. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to carry it out and keep it effect. This is what being a leader is all about. The leader is a reflection of the people, and vice beers so it is a great idea to stay on the same page and work together.

Individual Assignments

Accounting. Business – Accounting Prepare a 700- to 1 ,050-word paper explaining the overall accounting cycle at your organization. Include a description of the people, processes, and systems that are integral to the cycle. Please note: this assignment should not be considered as a personal essay but an example of academic writing.

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