Individual Assignments

Bead Bar is an organization which allows customers to choose beads and customize their own bear for necklace and other jewellery - Individual Assignments introduction. The bead bar offers a catalog for display to its customers which allow customization by its customers for potential jewellery.

Scope of the system:

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1.      Company employees offer various menu to the customers

2.      Company employees offer suggestion to customers

3.      Employees take classes for teaching potential learners of necklaces and related jewellery

4.      Employees offer classes for advanced beaders

5.      Employees also sell beads for potential buyers for direct purchase

6.      Customers propagate their choices and suggestions

7.      Customers pay for their jewellery

8.      Employees forward the payment invoice to the customers

9.      Employees also do some repair services and finishing services

10.   Employees place new orders to the suppliers

Context Level – DFD

Figure 1: DFD Context Level

The DFD correlates with the scope of the system defined above.

Use Case Diagram:

Figure 2: Use Case


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