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Judith Beveridge poems

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Poetry offers a new way to look at familiar situations. Judith Beverage does this in three of poems. “The Domesticity of giraffes”, “Fox In a tree stump” and “The Two Brothers”. Through the use of repetition and personification she Incorporates her feelings about cruelty towards animals and humans. She uses these techniques in all three of her poems. Poetry shows the reader a new way to look at familiar situations and in her poem “The Domesticity of Giraffes” she uses repetition to show the cruelty towards the Giraffe.

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Judith Beveridge poems
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This creates a feeling of annoyance towards the zoo as the reader wants the Giraffe to be free. She repeats the phrase “licks the salt” which is what the Giraffe Is doing constantly shows how the Giraffe Is self-harming because Its mouth gets drier and drier, this shows how boarded the Giraffe Is. Beverage shows this torture through repetition in all of her poems which familiarizes the reader with her message that animal cruelty is wrong.

In Beverage’s other poem “The Fox in the Tree Stump” she also uses repetition to sow animal cruelty throughout.

This gives us an insight towards her feelings about animal cruelty. The use of the word “shot” is constantly repeated while there Is no gun being fired it implies something is being damaged or hit. The “shot” Is what the girl Is Imagining while she Is hitting the fox. This Is done to part herself from the killing, making It sound Like someone else Is shooting it for her. Beverage shows the cruelty towards animals once again throughout “the Fox in a Tree Stump” by repeating the violent and abrupt word “shot”.

In Beverage’s third poem the situation of cruelty is present but it is not towards an animal but towards a girl. She again uses repetition to how the reader that It Is not only happening once but multiple times. “The Two Brothers” torture and kill animals while the girl Is caring In the fact that she tries to save even the snails from the torturous ways of “The Brothers” The repetition of the words “those boys” and “the brothers” shows that the girls is trying to alienate herself from the senseless torturing of or animals.

The repetition is used to make the reader fell empathy towards the girl as she is faced with an impossible situation. Save the bugs and get tormented by the brothers or let the innocent creatures get killed. Beverage shocks the audience to make her message seem more serious that cruelty towards animals should not be happening which Is familiar through all three of her poems. Beverage uses the poetic technique of personification throughout her poems to give the animals human qualities which make the reader feel sympathy towards them.

She goes this in her poems “the Domesticity of Giraffes”, “Fox in a Tree Stump” and “The Two Brothers”. This is familiarized by the reader. Beverage personifies the Giraffe as a beautiful flower surrounded by concrete. This symbolizes the Giraffe in captivity as something beautiful that doesn’t belong where It Is. Beverage familiarizes the reader with the use of personification to express her feelings of animal cruelty. Throughout her second poem “The Fox in the Tree Stump”, Beverage uses the technique of personification to express her feelings about animal cruelty.

This is done by personifying the fox to make it harder for the girl to kill it. The quote “the fox stood coughing” represents the fox suffering from when the girl smoked It out of Its Beverage is trying to get across to the audience. This theme of animal cruelty is familiarized through personification in Beverage’s first and second poem. In the poem “The Two Brothers” the theme of animal cruelty is shown through the poetic technique of personification which is familiar in three of Beverage’s poems.

The use f personification gives a deeper understanding of animal cruelty by giving the animals human qualities. The quote “the snails never needed more than a single leaf to paint” personifies the snail as an artist as it eats the leaves of the flower. This is used to make Beverage’s message clearer about how animals should be left alone and not tortured. In Beverage’s poems she familiarizes the themes of animal cruelty and uses the same poetic techniques to display the theme. Even though her poems are the about different events the massage does not change. “Animal cruelty is wrong”.

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