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Key of responsibility speech

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?A lovely evening to all! Tonight I may say, to all of us seniors, let us congratulate ourselves for we all have been doing so great to make this tale of our lives as fulfilling as we want it and as adventurous as we make it. In four years of staying here in this institution, I may conclude that counting the wonderful moments that we shared in our high school days is a mind-boggling thing because even the depressing ones that we lived through contributed in helping us to become what we are today.

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Key of responsibility speech
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Yes, even being “pasaways” in front of our teachers, all are considered factors that made this experience complete and of course, a perfect one. And if we are going to look at it, everything happened in a blast but, much unnoticed. When I made my first footsteps in this school in the early days of my freshman year, one thing I can’t forget is our innocent selves, just like a blind person who seeks the right path, looking for the white light behind the darkness of that innocence.

By all means, we looked for the knowledge we need and we craved for the wisdom we must possess before we depart from this home, from this family. We were so curious about all the things that we encountered everyday but we did not know to whom we must hold on and how to distinguish right from wrong. And because of such blindness, receiving only the radiance of the twilight, some succeeded in knowing all the essential things to be remembered and to be understood by the heart but others got lost and failed to know the indispensable truth of life.

We have encountered many things as high school students but still, our journey will not stop after this stage. And I’m very proud that we never lose hope when failures and disappointments come our way. We defended what we love, and fought for what we believed in. And as for you, the juniors, in a few more days, your job will be to continue the unfinished tasks we will leave behind as we sail in our respective ships to discover new oceans. In behalf of the seniors, we are thankful because you are our companions and these years will serve as memories that we will cherish forever.

After we move on, after we step on another phase of our lives, you must learn and remember the things that have helped us to finish this stage. Some things that we did, might not have worked out well but we trust that after we leave the portals of this institution, you may learn from our mistakes. Expect the worst but always strive for the best. Whenever you fail, don’t lose hope, just stand up. Consider such challenges as a blessing. We must learn from these challenges, particularly the failures so that we will achieve more success. You must also learn how to be humble.

Humility is one sign of being educated, of being wise. This will be the start of your time to grow up and make your own; we believe that you can do more than what we have done. You must learn to be contented sometimes but grow most of the time. It is always right to be contented but this will sometimes hinder you from growing, from progressing. You only live once, so live your life to the fullest. It is not yet over so never make this as an excuse for you to be contented; there are many more fishes in the sea, waiting for you to discover them.

Just be grateful for all your achievements and be thankful to the One who is the first and the last thing we must think of, God, because His love for us and His will to guide us is everlasting. To all Juniors, Knowledge has taught us the elements of character that facilitate success. With this key of acceptance we pass on to you the skills to learn, the aptitude to succeed, and the creativity to make a difference. We hope to see all your spectacular dreams come true. GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

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